June 16th, 2007

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Good Morning!

The day for me is wrapped in fog and wind.  I feel like a nest and then, I read in the NY Times that mindfulness training is being taught in schools and it is making a difference.  A Tibetan bell is rung at the beginning and end of practice and the children are taught to focus on their breath and thoughts.  It is reducing problems on the playground and changing their lives and the lives of their parents.  One child suggested to her mother how she might deal with her road rage.    How wonderful is this:

Asked their reactions to the sounds of the singing bowl, Yvette Solito, a third grader, wrote that it made her feel “calm, like something on Oprah.” Her classmate Corey Jackson wrote that “it feels like when a bird cracks open its shell.”

I love the sound of the Tibetan bell and I had never thought of it that way.  "It feels like when a bird cracks open its shell."  

Yes, that is exactly right.  Thank you, Corey Jackson, and thank you, Yvette Solito.

May your day feel calm and fuel with birth.  May you hear many birds crack open their shells.  

Book Cover

Another must-read -

The book The Unknown Story: Mao is fascinating.  I highly recommend it.  It is by Jung Chang who wrote Wild Swans and Jon Halliday.  They have done incredible research to debunk the myths Mao created in his stories to Edgar Snow.  Mao was unscrupulous beyond imagining, sacrificing, his wives, children, and other people for his own ambitions.  He was it, as to what mattered, and raised a peasant, he lived in immense luxury from the beginning of his climb.  He never had any intention of helping peasants or anyone.  All was about him.  It is a fascinating read and I am well brought into the book now and grabbing my moments to continue.

Happy Father's Day weekend!   It is a lovely weekend to sink.