June 22nd, 2007

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Good Morning!!

Well, I have been dealing with internet problems and now computer problems.  My main computer seems to have declared an end, so I am on-hold there, and I am having problems with Comcast, so was able to finally receive email but am unable to send, so .... I am out of communication, it seems, for awhile.

It felt odd not to be able to post on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and I am sure we all enjoyed savoring the sun so long and full in the sky.

I may be forced to be sporadic on posting here.  I'll see how it goes as repairs begin.  It has certainly been an odd month that way with so many problems, and perhaps a new computer when it comes will bring a softer breeze.

The last few days have felt like gale-force winds.

Happy Day!
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Happiness is a butterfly, which,when pursued is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Poetry -

At Esalen, we spoke of how all poetry is a political act.  It is something to take one's own time and write what comes up.  That, in itself, speaks for individuality and knowing an inner wisdom to bring into this world.  I read a review of a book called Channeling Mark Twain.  The author uses poetry, at times, to convey some of the characters' thoughts.  That is what Jane and I do in our book.  I am happy to feel that poetry is coming into acceptance.  May we each step into our own breath and bring forth words as accompaniment.

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The Assault on Reason!

I am reading Al Gore's book The Assault on Reason and it is as sobering as you might expect.  The list of Bush administration atrocities we all know and yet it continues to shock.  I think what really amazes me is this, since it is so clearly illegal and a conflict of interest.   Halliburton was paying Cheney $!50,000 annually until 2005, and they were granted sole-source no bid contracts worth $10 billion.  How do they get away with it, and at this point, I have to feel both parties are responsible, but what is going on and how can we continue to allow it?   It does amaze.

I know how hard it is to stay outraged, how unhealthy, and yet, we need to stay involved.  I pray for a proper balance in myself this day.
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Teacher salaries -

The American Federation of Teachers reports that the average teacher salary in the school year 2004-2005 was $47,602, a 2.2 percent increase from the year before.  A 2.2 percent increase, and Cheney's pay for handing jobs to Halliburton, certainly one which should take no time, and should be illegal, since he should be doing his vice-presidential duties, could, at $150,000 pay for more than three teacher salaries each year.  Sad, isn't it to see such obvious corruption, and this is one small example. 

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The medical world -

Tonight I heard a wonderful woman speak, Dr. Ricki Pollycove.  You can check her out at:  http://www.drricki.com/

What struck me most was her comments on the importance of estrogen.  She explained the statistics around hormone replacement therapy in a whole new way as in it probably is a good thing to do.  Since I am on Arimidex I went up to her afterwards to ask about using a drug that cuts off my estrogen supply when she said it probably was not related to my cancer, and certainly is important.  She said it gives me a 3% chance and since I am doing okay on it, and only have four more years, I should continue, but all of these "shoulds" that we are told by doctors should be questioned.  She gave the names of people who can help with decisions around cancer treatment.  

She also said to be aware around taking over the counter drugs.  You don't know what is in the bottles or where they came from.  She specifically mentioned Kava.  She said drugs from other countries may be covered in pesticides and grown in polluted water.  It was another argument for buying local and from people who you know. 

Her emphasis is on quality of life.  She heard the Dalai Lama speak and when he spoke of how we in the west see our little selves as separate from our divinity whereas those in the east see themselves as born into a divine universe, she "got" why many of us struggle so.  She recommends subtle energy medicine.   She also says, we should become "our own healthy mother," and "Live in the light of our own self-love."   "Primary care is self-care."

She says we can influence our insurance companies.  A few years back, the OB-GYN's wanted prenatal health care for all women.  They handed out postcards for women to send in.  Now, all women in CA are covered for prenatal health care.