June 26th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

The news today on Cheney, and as Jon Carroll says, our now fourth branch of government, is depressing.  Each columnist has their say, and thankfully so, and yet, can we get rid of the toad.  I hope so.

I am having trees cut down today, so feel a bit of agitation around the disturbance in the force.  The fog peeks in and out today, not sure whether it wants to be a blanket or dissipate into the sea.

I will walk in Muir Woods and communicate with those trees and then head over to the East Bay for various engagements.

Change - acceptance - serenity - and movement to get rid of what must be removed.  The Supreme Court decisions yesterday show how important it was to not have Bush-Cheney in power.  They dismantle our government each day.   Prayers that we awake and bring it back to intention of openness and free speech.

May these dictators go, preferably to jail where law-breakers belong.   It is definitely a day to talk to trees and refresh in the length of their breath.  
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Morning Poem!



Buoys set out with traps

to catch lobsters and crabs.


We consume, digest, integrate

anchors that move


in wind and sea

and yet we hold on -


last night my brain tightened

in worry and concern

DNA wrapped tightly within its coils


like a cold-blooded snake

so I stroked it like the fur of a cat

purred it loose


Pried it free -


pride - the downfall

we catch and cache

like apples

in aprons from trees -


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Jane's poem of this morning!

It was just a film of distance at first, like distraction that didn’t clear.
The soaps and pots and jars of stuff that define the assemblage of my face each day
stood outside of me, questioning, asking me to remember each one for itself.
The automatic fell away, each move was purposeful and when complete,
the edges still remained.
Like a core sampling that moment was removed, leaving behind all that isn’t.  


- Jane Flint