July 9th, 2007

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Good Morning!

The fog is deeply in today, and the plants and skin lap up the sweet juice.  I read how water is our most valuable commodity.  We are carrying around plastic bottles of it, while we need to be paying attention to the depletion of our lakes and streams, and today, is a day where my intention is to stay calm and soothed, and see how gently I can use my membranes in monitoring the flow of news and information in and out.

It is hard to read of Bush and Cheney and stay calm and it seems change is mobilizing.   We can be calm in care.

My intention today is to sift through writing, organize files, and plant some flowers in a pot.
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Thomas Merton!

I love the writings of Thomas Merton, and I think each of us can find our own definition and interpretation of the word "God."

"Contemplation is more than a consideration of abstract truths about God, more even than affective meditation on the things we believe. It is awakening, enlightenment and the amazing intuitive grasp by which love gains certitude of God's creative and dynamic intervention in our daily life. Hence contemplation does not simply "find" a clear idea of God and confine Him within the limits of that idea, and holds Him there as a prisoner to Whom it can always return. On the contrary, contemplation is carried away by Him into His own realm, His own mystery and His own freedom. It is a pure and virginal knowledge, poor in concepts, poorer still in reasoning, but able, but its very poverty and purity, to follow the Word "wherever He may go."

Thomas Merton. New Seeds of Contemplation. New York: New Directions Press, 1961: 5.

"Contemplation can never be the object of calculated ambition. It is not something we plan to obtain with our practical reason, but is the living water of the spirit that we thirst for, like a hunted deer thirsting after a river in the wilderness."

New Seeds of Contemplation: 10

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Bella just hopped up into the chair next to me and asked for petting and loving.  She squeaked until I stopped what I was doing to pet her.  She licked me in return.  I appreciate that she asks for what she needs and I hope I learn from her and do the same.