July 14th, 2007

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Good Morning!

I woke this morning at 4:30 and felt a need and urge to cleanse, so washed bowls and cleansed surfaces, lit candles and gonged chimes and bells, burned sage, and pulled forth special books, rocks, statues,  and created a new altar.  I have them all over the house but this one is new and special.

The fog is in, but I went out and watered all the plants outside, feeling they, too, were asking to be cleansed.  It is summer and a time to be alert and awake.  The fruit is full on the trees.  Each time I go outside, I feast on plums.  

St. Augustine said, "My love is my weight.  Because of it I move."

I like that I move with, through, and because of love.   Happy Saturday to YOU!
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Responsibility -

I am sorry for the mother of the four year old who lost her son at Great American in the Wave Pool, but I do not understand how she can blame Great American, and argue about whether there were four lifeguards or six.  That is not the point.  A parent watches their child at a swimming pool, especially when the child is only four years old.   Lifeguards oversee the whole pool, and they can save someone when there is a problem, but they cannot account for every individual, and I personally think a parent should be sitting there watching their own child at a pool or at the ocean.  How could anyone expect the lifeguards to take full responsibility for a four year old?  I'm sure they feel terrible also.  They are probably college kids doing a summer job, and one can only expect so much of someone else when it comes to children.   We are each responsible for watching our own children, and I think this woman's anger is displaced.  I understand her struggle and pain, but I question why she wasn't aware where her four year old was for ten minutes.  Most of us are aware with a four year old when things are too quiet in the house for ten minutes. It is sad for everyone involved, but I certainly hope we are not going to see a huge lawsuit for what, in my opinion from what I am reading, was not, in this case, the fault of the park.
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More thoughts -

I am sorry to sound harsh on a mother losing her child.  I realize what it brought up for me was my own father's death.  He was on a motorcyle, and came around an unmarked construction site where gravel was spread all over the road.  He slipped on the gravel and was killed.  It was an accident.  We probably could have sued but we were grieving and how would money, court dates, and blame,  help.  It was an accident, and accidents happen and they are painful for all involved.   Anyway, I got triggered.  I also remember my diligence in watching my children, and still, something might have happened.  We all take care, and we cannot control all that goes on around us.  That is why it is so painful for all involved when a well-loved human is killed.  There is grief on every side over this, and it is painful as can be. 

Anyway, prayers for the mother, siblings, and family, and prayers for us all in our pains and cares.
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On a completely different note!

What is a comfort when grieving?   Baking!

Cook's Magazine reviews 13 by 9 inch pans.  The Pyrex Baking dish is their favorite pan.  It costs.  $8.95.

The All-Clad Rectangular cake pan costs $94.99 and is not recommended.

I notice on Wedding registries that brides and grooms ask for expensive pans.  It sounds like in this particular case picking up a pyrex pan at the grocery store is the way to go.
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Cultivate the Garden Within -

The Pacific Sun this week has an article on San Quentin and their popular gardening program, founded by Beth Waitkus.  The Insight Garden Program has had to turn inmates away.   She begins one day with a poem, "To Look at Any Thing" by John Moffitt.

    To Look at Any Thing

    To look at any thing,
    If you would know that thing,
    You must look at it long;
    To look at the green and say,
    'I have seen spring in these
    Woods' will not do - you must
    Be the thing you see .....

          - John Moffitt