July 18th, 2007

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The Mountain!

I am enamored with the mountain, the mountain outside and the mountain in me.  I have found my teacher for now. 

We had rain in the night.   What a treat!   What a morning!   The elves and fairies are joyfully alive!!

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Jane's Poem of This Morning!

I rise and wash my face.
I rise and wash.
I lay the plates down on the table so.
 The spoons and forks and knives beside them.
Beside them, morning toast and coffee.
Beside them, supper.
Sometimes I would like to go from here to there, skip the in between.
Like walking up the mountain, one foot and then the next
My time on earth expands by repetition and the in between.

                - Jane Flint

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morning flow -



I slept at the foot of the mountain

for 29 years.

Now, I am called to climb

and nest on each branch,

to make a staff

and round this pulse

calling me -

the mountain’s task

is mine -

come -


Let mystic call me now -

answer -

answer -



Mystic call me now

explore and connect

what before seemed separate

or unimportant,

not relevant  -

all those little packages we post

units discrete in destination and intent -

open them all now

and see with the eagle’s eye

connect the light of the stars

with one string

fly them like kites

from one huge heart -

fly and connect

the streams in a fist

made clear

in knowing

the body

as whole.



Center Speech


Droplets caught like dew

held in hands

for the sun

to sip,

as easily as that

love runs from me

to you,

so potent our chat,

when lives are fueled

with the exchange

of words

from lips,

softly charged

in tint and hue.



I beckoned the mountain to speak this morning

and all I heard was Ah and Ummm!


Rain fell in the night,


so, too, the mountain steps are slow to see.

Can I pause enough to hear?

The mountain is teacher, guide.

I open my eyes

and settle into her slopes

for a long, leisurely, and acorn filled ride.



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Evening -

The moon is an amazing crescent in the sky this evening.  We took the ferry over to the city and Chris took us to dinner at the Waterfront Cafe, so I am satisfied and full in every way.   What a city and what a night!!   I am delight.