July 19th, 2007

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Good Morning!

Jane had no words this morning, just rest, and my words were words of gratitude for this precious, sacred, holy life I live.  I have set intention to place my feet firmly on the mountain each day.  Yesterday I walked up the Dipsea Trail out of Muir Woods.  I met a couple there, a young German couple, who held out their undistinguished map to me for guidance.  They wanted to go to the "Big Lagoon" at Muir Beach.  I said this time of year, I would hardly call it a Big Lagoon, and I thought to myself that those words might be a little exuberant, at any time of year,  for the band of water that gathers there, but they were determined to see the Big Lagoon, so I directed them down the hill and to the beach.  I am amazed at these odd little maps handed out to tourists.  This one had no guiding point of Muir Woods, and there by the words Muir Beach, were the words Big Lagoon.  It was like Mill Valley and "The Redwood Tree."  It is odd to see one's one land through the eyes of others who come.  It allows me to see how I must diminish where I go in my haste to see what represents.  I would explain Muir Beach by the ocean, sand, and hills, more than the lagoon, but clearly, to someone, a birder perhaps, it is the claim to fame.  My children used to splash in that lagoon when they were little.  It was a safe place to play.

I am heading down to Half Moon Bay today to meet a friend and play.  The sun is shining and the drive will be unimaginably beautiful.  I live in grace.
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Morning Flow!

Last night at dinner, we toasted my mother and all mothers.  It is amazing to realize none of us would be here without those wombs of nine months.

I am feeling the pulse of the mountain rising up through my feet.   That grace propels my morning flow.



Tears must be as close

as breath

because with each piece of news I hear

my eyes moisten

and a sob of response mobilizes

deep in my gut.


Is it like the mountain

with its holds of trees

coming up from inner springs,

the clouds leaving shadows

of shade on its slopes?


Is there always this place of tears,

that salty ocean that keeps us going,

like the lemming plunge of river to sea?


My life is blessed.

The tears express gratitude

for this precious life.

So blessed and precious,

in this moment,

and the next,

absolutely everything seems to me.






With each step,  the earth gives me a little push, Up.

I feel that boost in my chest; arms open to receive.

Shoulder blades spread; hands reach.

I’m given all I need, massaged by earth and sky.

The clouds are towels to rinse my eyes.

The blue lifts my head, then, lands a kiss

that wiggles my toes in the leap

to ground.   




What does the mountain say today?

Rest, rest in my streams and on my meadows.

Stroll deeply into the green and gold.

Meet the people who walk my slopes

and know I am showering blessings on you,

bringing them up through your feet and toes

to your eyes where they spread and glow

like fires and stars at night.




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Change -

“Change. It has the power to uplift, to heal, to stimulate, surprise, open new doors, bring fresh experience and create excitement in life. Certainly it is worth the risk.”

-- Leo Buscaglia