July 30th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

I am feeling chipper in the density of this early morning fog.  I'm off for a routine blood test, which is always fun, because it is a room full of people who have been fasting since the night before, and who haven't had their morning coffee.  Hopefully, not many today will think that Monday morning is the best time for a test.  I'm excited though because there is nothing like then hitting Peet's for my morning brew.  Happy Day to You!!
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In the moment -

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time.   I like that since my yard is full of hummingbirds, joyfully sipping nectar and cavorting with the garden gods.  Life is richly sipped.
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Wisdom from Thomas Merton -

"Our technological society has no longer any place in it for wisdom that seeks truth for its own sake, that seeks the fullness of being, that seeks to rest in an intuition of the very ground of all being. Without wisdom, the apparent opposition of action and contemplation, of work and rest, of involvement and detachment, can never be resolved."

Faith and Violence: 217-218      Thomas Merton  

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from the book Braided Creek by Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison.

  At my age,
    even in airports,
    why would you wish
    time to move faster?