August 8th, 2007

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The economy -

The economy continues to fall as the Bush administration continues to ignore that every day this country falls further and further into debt.  We continue to borrow from other countries to support our daily overspending, but what is the "Department of Homeland Security" focused on. 

Here it is from the NY Times. 

"We are tough and we are going to be even tougher. There are not going to be any more excuses for employers."  Russ Knocke, spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, on new rules on illegal immigrants.

Oh, this is sure to make us "safe."

I find a Department of Homeland Security offensive.  I would love a Department of Peace, but this focus that ignores the huge issues of this country right now and puts up a smokescreen is another nail in the tomb.

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Who knows why -

It began this morning with watering, fertilizing and trimming my indoor plants.  I beckoned the inspirational place that allows communion with this life force seemingly different from my own.   I felt like I was in Bali placing altars to the gods all over my home, and then, like that, I became aware of clutter.  I noticed that to get to the popcorn popper,  I had to sort through an array of hats and then a bowl fell down out of the closet and then I noticed purses, and then ....

All right, Good Will, I said, and began piling up hats and items I no longer need.  In the garage there are shoes now ready to go, and then, I came to this room, my desk, a desk that only recently was completely cleaned off with just the essentials lying just right,  placed just so, feng shui honored all the way, a little bit of wabi sabi - the tree shaken over the clean walk, and, then, one item after another entered, and now, I am sorting through piles and piles of stuff.   How many books need to be within instant reach of my hand?  I count twelve, all of which seem indispensible and will stay, but I work in a room surrounded by books.  Could any of the twelve be an arm lengths away?  Probably not. 

What I notice in this mood is poetry does not appeal.  I read a poem by a poet I love and nothing happens, just words.  Perhaps I had never before realized so clearly how I have to be "here" to receive the poem, and it't not that I'm not here, but I'm also "out there," in judgment and discernment.  I'm clearing and cleaning out.  Poetry is an exchange, a two-way, possibly an infinite-way street.   For words to cohere there must be an honoring of the space in which they are arranged, the marks on the page.  Right now, in cleaning mode,  I am seeing books as a whole, rather than with the awareness of the wisdom they may contain. 

Billy Collins considers the word "acccessible" as used to describe his poems as possibly disparaging.  He prefers the word hospitable.

Today, is my day to make my desk hospitable while keeping my brain/mind/body open enough to receive poems, poetry, intuition.

I hear a chainsaw in a neighboring yard.  It seems another tree is to go.   Clearing in and out.    There must be something in the stars.  I hear each star spreading out,  streaming, "I need more space," as each book, paper, and note, says, "See me now, absorb."   In this moment I'm taking in whole, so that I can find a place to read each book and give it the space in which it was conceived, and the honoring that all the people who went into its production deserve.
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Another thought -

I think the need to remove clutter began when I watched the video on how many changes we will each undertake in our lifetime.  I have lived conservatively for the most part, figuring one watch, one suitcase was enough.  Often I am puzzled by the array of material items as they seasonaly change, telling me I need new colors, shapes and styles, but I see now that we are in a changing world, and so, perhaps I need to up-date a bit, to realize this is a world of constant recycling and renewal.  I need to clean out my brain and space so there is room for all that comes, and even as I type this I think of the grinder my grandmother used to grind meat that is up in the closet and probably as efficient and certainly more rewarding than a food processor.  I still enjoy writing words by hand.  I love my old books, many in need of new binding.  I love the comfort of old clothes, colors, shapes.   Today is a day to balance the old and the new, wisdom that is old and creation, imaginatively new.  Today is my balance day as I take time to look out at the view.

Bella does not like change.  She is happy to see that the cage that took her to the vet yesterday is downstairs.  She sits in the chair next to me, looks at me, and squeaks.  She is clear.  There may be mess, but there is one thing that matters and that is for me to pet her and for her to lick my hand.

May your day balance the changing colors and lengths, and prism and unprism the light.
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a fourth part of the brain soon to come -

Today I can connect to Google, but then go no further, so I do not have instant access to any bit of information I care to follow.   The question is being asked, "How did we get information before Google?"

If I stop to remember, what about those younger than I.

So, it seems computers are going to get faster and faster and soon outpace us, and as they get smaller and smaller, I'm sure we will have an implant put right into our brain, and so we will experience the rise of the brain, reptile, mammal, neocortex, and, computer chip.  What will be the gain?  Rationality perhaps.  Will we become like Mr. Spock on Star Trek?  Or will we program the stuff of our humanness in too?   We are in the era of science fiction.  I've been going along noticing, but, today, I think I am "getting" it more firmly in my limited, still human way.  The future can't be foretold and maybe never could but we tried to put a handle on it.  Religions have been telling us to surrender,  let go,  trust.  It seems that soon that will be all we can do.  I feel like I'm being shot through the tunnel of a water slide and ahead is a light I might begin to explore or maybe I'll settle back in and enjoy the flight.  I'm sure there will be multiple movies to choose and review. 
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Red and green eyes at night -

I have been reading an interview with Tim Cahill, where he proposes that different animals eyes shine differently in light at night.  He asks why some are red and some are green.  I go to google to check this out but cannot confirm what he is suggesting.  It is for each of us to notice in the night.  He suggests the eyes of predators are red and populations that are prey like deer reflect green in the night.   Therefore, if you are out in the dark and red eyes are reflecting back at you, you might have a different response than if you were looking at green.  Of course, it might just be a housecat out for an evening stroll.   I suppose our eyes reflect red.  We are predatory it seems, though sometimes just for knowledge and that is a different thing, perhaps, or maybe just an augmentation and expansion of our desire and need to hunt.  Red light, Green!