August 13th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

I am a warm glow this morning and the day is bright with light.  The fog has slipped away.

This morning I feel a bit like Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.  I realize there is something in seeing one's children "well-settled."   Chris and Frieda are not married yet, obviously, but they are so happy together that it is a joy to see.  I feel the family more balanced with the addition of Frieda and Jan.  All feels just right, with chair legs on the floor and tables stable.

Today is an odds and ends sort of day.  I read that summers are shorter for children now.  There is more school and less time for unstructured time to explore and play.  I always feel myself turning towards fall at this time in August.  Who knows what now will present, but I see it is a confluence of strong and healthy streams.

Steve and I will be going to Hong Kong September 7 to 23, so that is fun to consider too.

Happy Day!!
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This is from Jon Carroll's column today.    We live in a rich stew of people, language, and culture.   Enjoy!

In other fashion news: A reader has been kind enough to send me a link to, which, at least in its accessories section, features some of the most marvelous prose around. It is, of course, translated from another language, although it's not clear what the original language was. Perhaps my readers can enlighten me.

Here, for instance, is the blurb for Gucci sunglasses: "Gucci high-pitched character sunglasses featuring lenses what one make secure the highest shelter and a hone visual sensation, are idealistic by reason of whatsoever scant shape. Gucci sunglasses are high-pitched public presentation, fashionable, sunglasses providing a compounding of outstanding styling and irregular genus lens and frame up character. These Sunglasses bring home the bacon shelter from the hurtful personal effects of the sun's UV rays, and grant toward best visual sensation in brilliant short stipulations. Gucci sunglasses are used in a change of performance-related situations, at the time that you need to appear just and feature outstanding solarize shelter towards your eyes. Gucci is in the place of performance-oriented canaille who testament ne'er settle down as far as concerns 2nd c. h. best. These sunglasses go to 2007 sunglasses; assemblage. You won't be disappointed so call by the agency of trust. Please sense loose to Check my other auctions despite change of frames and sunglasses we offer up. Feel loose to email me by the agency of whatever questions."

There's so much to love here. The appearance of "ne'er," which I thought had died out with 19th century poetry. The idea of idealistic sunglasses is very heartening indeed. But I think the clear winner is "these Sunglasses bring home the bacon shelter."

"Canaille" is defined in my dictionary as "riffraff." Your guess is as good as mine.

Is there more? But of course. Here's one highlighted feature of Maui Jim Sport Sunglasses: "Rubber olfactory organ grips refuse the ram of gravitational attraction and stay fresh your sunglasses in localize no thing that spor." Yes, that's right, it ends in the middle of a sentence, or what may once have been a sentence. But I'm throwing "the ram of gravitational attraction" into all my casual conversations from now on.

D&G sunglasses 30001 "consummate according to credentials of legitimacy, affording protection caseful and dust ecclesiastics." One notable feature of the Rick Steves 21-inch rollaway suitcase: "The remote add-a-bag shoulder strap lets you cut short on your daytime bagful and undulate them unitedly." And there's this ironclad guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale: "We remain firm slow the lineament Digital3 our mathematical product, if you are non satisfied, delight returned the point unsympathetic NOT OPEN, and we testament repay your riches."

Another Rick Steves bag "includes ready to hand extras: a couple of interlock bags and a clip-in certificate pocket, and as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but intragroup and extraneous contraction straps." The thing I like about that sentence is that it starts out walking the narrow edge of meaning, gets into a furious argument with itself and then returns, tightlipped, to product information.

And, friends: There are 39 pages of this.

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Peace -

Paper Cranes
(The Hibakusha* come to Gethsemani)

"How can we tell a paper bird
Is stronger than a hawk
When it has no metal for talons?
It needs no power to kill
Because it is not hungry.

Wilder and wiser than eagles
It ranges around the world
Without enemies
And free of cravings.

The child's hand
Folding these wings
Wins no wars and ends them all.

Thoughts of a child's heart
Without care, without weapons!
So the child's eye
Gives life to what it loves
Kind as the innocent sun
And lovelier than all dragons!"

*Hibakusha are survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima

Thomas Merton. The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton. New York: New Directions Press, 1977: 740.

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Thoughts -

I sent an email thanking Chris and Frieda for yesterday.  I haven't asked her but I am going to place a section of her response here because I think she captures something of what it is to gather love, energy and family in one place.

Hi Cathy,
Yesterday's brunch truly defined a "house warming" in my mind. I never bestowed much thought onto the term. I can whole-heartedly say that I understand it now, having experienced the energy, love, and enthusiasm from Sunday. The house is happier after yesterday; I can *feel* it! It's going "yippeeeEEE!!!!" :)
Everyone should be as fortunate as Chris and I to anoint their homes with such a glow. :)
I feel my house participating in the glow, and perhaps I want to invite yours into the circle too.  I feel us all as a warm fire, and now, I recall a children's story I wrote many years ago called "Smoke Signals of Heart."

I missed seeing the meteors last night and I hope there are a few around for tonight, but maybe I was already so lit with warmth, I couldn't absorb any more.  

Joy, Peace, and Sharing for Us All!!

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Reality -

Here is a useful bit of information from Daniel Gilbert's book Stumbling on Happiness.

    "In July 2004, the City Council of Monza, Italy, too the unusual step of banning goldfish bowls. They reasoned that goldfish should be kept in rectangular aquariums and not in round bowls because "a fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality and suffers because of this.""

    What can one say?   If you think your view of reality is a bit off, perhaps it is time to change the container in which you live.  Who knows what that might do!