August 31st, 2007

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Good Morning!

I love it when I get up and the moon is still here, a bright light in the western sky.   We have fluffy little clouds this morning, most unusual for here.  The foghorns are churning though I see no fog, and the morning clouds offer provocative shapes to interpret and name. 

Tiger had a tough time at the vet so the household is revolving around him and his needs.  I read once that any of us who have been on antibiotics would probably not be here without them.   It is sobering to consider the medical opportunities and research that contribute to our continuing lives and there is a place to let go.  I look forward to stable knowing when that time comes.

For now, I have a full day!!    May the vaporous shapes in the sky be just what we need to climb to our chosen view.
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Good Morning!!

"Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be."

- Henry David Thoreau

I like that.  I am enjoying an amazing morning.  Jane and I spoke, inspired.  Jane just attended the Search Engine Conference again, and she always leaves motivated.   She was tossing out ideas quickly this morning and so we are on a new tack.  We have a "list," created by Jane. 

I had breakfast with Karen Roeper.   She is busy with her work which you can check out at:


All of what was discussed this morning relates to connection, peace, the pause.

Marion Rosen recently gave a summary of her work, which I will take a piece of and further summarize.

She feels the spiritual aspect of Rosen work is related to the diaphragm, the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.  When the diaphragm releases, we surrender; we trust.   In that letting go physically in the body, that "allowing" the natural swing of the diaphragm, there is a knowing we don't have to do it all by ourselves.  In that knowing we don't have to do it all by ourselves, that inner acknowledgement of support is where we feel close to what some call "God."   There, we let go of ego and there is grace, the place where we live embraced.

It is a continual dance to balance being and doing, and, for today, my intention is to let go, surrender, and trust in the workings of the universe that bring me in touch with you.

On another note, I saw a Great Blue Heron this morning.  I watched him pull feathers from his chest.  It is the seasonal molt.  He dropped the feathers into the bay like bottles with messages inside.  Who knows who will pull them out?

A little boy saw a truck that was blocking a driveway.  I'm sure drivers were cursing, but the little boy was waving at the truck driver.  I want to meet this day with that much joy, interest, and delight, the joy of a two year old held lovingly in the arms of "mother," for that is how it is, when we allow.

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Motivation Ho!

Jane and I realize that the book, Breast Stroke, is about connection, connection through illness, reaching out and not feeling alone or lost.

I just bought another domaine name,, so we can begin to set up a network of connection for those who are ill.  We are in the beginning stages, obviously, but it is the beginning of creating our "platform" to promote the book.

That said, I want to talk about Walking School Buses.   Brian Fellows of Tempe, Arizona has a letter to the editor in the September/October Orion magazine.  He writes:  "In Arizona, communities are investing in an elegantly simple encouragement strategy called the walking school bus.  Popularized in Australia, walking school buses are adult-escorted walks to school.  Sound insultingly simple?  It is."

There are Walking School Buses and Bike Trains.  In each case, an adult leads children to and from school. This builds stronger neighborhoods, healthier people, and helps the environment.

Brian Fellows continues: "Safe Routes is about building sustainable communities that invite safe, convenient, human-powered mobility.  As we speak, the world is making other arangements for us.  Whether we make our own is our choice."

Let's hear it for the words, advice, and inspiration of Brian Fellows.  My children are grown, and I would be happy to lead a flock of children.  How great is this!!

Motivation.  Inspiration.   Let's lead and do, and build that swing, and then, settle into it for a rocking place to perceive and be. 

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Slooooowwww -

Rebecca Solnit has an article in Orion, called "A Fistful of Time, The fast, the bad, the ugly, the alternatives."  She has written the book A Field Guide to Getting Lost, which is about "the uses of the unpredictable and the immeasurable."   She has also written a book on the history of walking.  I give you the first and last paragraph of her article to give you a flavor of what she is saying.  Even though she is saying the time in the middle, the time getting there is valuable and important, I am allowing you to use your imagination for the journey or you might buy Orion for yourself.

Rebecca Solnit:


    "The four horsemen of my apocalypse are called Efficiency, Convenience, Profitability, and Security, and in their names, crimes against poetry, pleasure, sociability, and the very largeness of the world are daily, hourly, constantly carried out.  These marauding horsemen are deployed by technophiles, advertisers, and profiteers to assault the nameless pleasures and meanings that knit together our lives and expand our horizons."     



    "Ultimately, I believe that slowness is an act of resistance, not because slowness is a good in itself but because of all that it makes room for, the things that don't get measured and can't be bought."

Ah, yes, breathe.   The moon, the sun, the stars, the leaves.   Breathe.  Root!   Reach.