September 24th, 2007

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Time Change -

Hong Kong is fifteen hours ahead of the Bay area, and my body-mind are struggling to return to this time.  I woke up at six this morning and it was dark.    Time to stay tucked, I thought, but six means up, and so, I drug myself from bed, knowing that in Hong Kong six means light, but, of course, this six also means nine at night.   So, I am up and showered and with my coffee and I am not feeling so great, and that is okay.  I'm reasonably awake.  It is odd though to realize that only recent times allowed us to thump across time zones like this.  It is amazing how adaptable we are.

I like the following quote.  May today be one of dreams, the kind that wake.

"Nothing happens unless first we dream."

- Carl Sandburg

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Guidance -

The only tyrant I accept in this world is the "still small voice" within me.

                - Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Wise words as I return to the world of news, racism in the south, the hypocritical Craig, and China as "bad".  How can we ignore what we do and have done and how we shipped everything negative to China and then complain so much about them?   It is easy to sit here and point fingers, and much different when one has been there among the people struggling just like us to find a life-partner, and have children and provide for them.   The whole world is united in the pollution problem, and pointing fingers makes no sense.  I find it unfathomable that this country would point fingers at another country, rather than just setting an example by cleaning up their own act.  Maybe if we imported less Barbie dolls, we would have less to complain about as to lead in paint, and maybe if we didn't demand so much from corporate profits, they would have a better quality of life.  One thing I heard over there is that they have to work such long hours because our stock-holders keep demanding an increase in profits and production.  That may or may not be true, but the attitude is what counts.  Let's not set up resentment between countries.  If we each listen to our own "still small voice," I think we all can find comfort, ease, and peace, and it will take time and accountability for what we do.

We are the leader here.  We are the ones who are "advanced."  Let's pave a way of adults, responsibility, and change.

There is no longer an "other."  We all share one planet and it is time to work together to keep it as clean as we can. 

I was reading about Mount St. Helens and how the plants and animals came back more quickly than anyone could have predicted after it blew its top.   The planet is forgiving.   Perhaps we can be the same, and instead of pointing fingers, work together for change, the kind we all want and need, clean air and water, and space to move and breathe.

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Home -

I go to Whole Foods, entranced with all the organic produce.  I gather apples, tomatoes, basil, garlic, strawberries.  Yum!

There is abundance here and open space.  I am grateful to live where I do, and aware that we all need different rhythms and vibrations to inspire .  Oddly,  I note how slow the pace here.  I am still speeded up in some way, and it will be interesting to see where I come to adjust.

Happy Monday, this third day of Fall!   I smell the difference in the air, and am aware of the changes since I left.  I am happy to return to this season I love and settle in, like a pumpkin filled with seeds.