October 14th, 2007

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I am home!

I carried Mitchell and his family with me on my trip away. 

Mount Madonna is beautiful.  I could see the sun rise from my bed, and it rose amidst glorious pinks each day, and it set amidst a cloak of red.  The crescent moon stood in the red like a keyhole in a door.

I am very tired right now but wanted to share I am returned.  Mount Madonna is a very spiritual place.  I have a wonderful new rock that came from Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks house on Monhegan.  I also have six plates that Charlotte carried from Germany when she had to leave because of Hitler.  She used them on Monhegan.  Charlotte Selver has meant a great deal to me.  Her work helped carry me lightly through chemo and radiation.  I am grateful to have some of her belongings in my home.

My weekend was sacred and spiritual like every moment of life.

I am more aware of the ground we share, the inner ground,  and outer.

And I am also aware I am very tired and ready for bed.

May the moon be just the right nightlight for you tonight.   It sets early in this phase so I hope you are enjoying its light.

I am delighted with my breath, and the kiss of the ground from my feet to beyond the top of my head.