October 28th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

My computer has automatically set itself for Daylight Savings time,  but I believe we have another week, so I will be an hour off this week, which is actually quite fine for me.

We had breakfast in Sausalito today looking out at the city and the sparkling bay.  Wow!!   The lovely days continue lit by colorfully changing and wind-blown and dropped leaves.   I am in heaven.  Somehow this fall seems quite the best.

I came across this poem yesterday.  We went to see the movie Michael Clayton and I had to check out Book Passage next door and I discovered a book about a couple who created Windcall as a place for social activists to come and renew.

Here is one of the poems written there.   See if you can relate.


I don't want to work hard anymore.
I want to work soft.
I read about soft energy today
the resources of sun, wind and water.
I read of hard energy -
Of fossil fuels and splitting atoms
Consuming resources and returning poison.

I don't want to work hard anymore.
I want to work soft.

How did this happen?
What makes me work this way?

Perhaps it is the Puritan ethic
The industrial revolution as God
That says I'm worthless unless I worry as I work
And produce something tangible
Some proof of my value and purpose.

Or maybe it's because I feel such
An utter sense of responsibility
That I must always do one more thing
Before I rest.
Then another,
Then another.

I don't want to work hard anymore.
I need to work soft.

          - Mac Legerton (1990)

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First Citizen -

I learn in Jim Harrison's book, Returning to Earth, that  "First Citizen is the official term for what they call Indians in Canada."   They treat them with respect and honor their heritage.  There are lessons to be learned.