November 12th, 2007

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A way to begin the day -

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

- Kahil Gibran

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Creativity -

We recall the studies of especially creative people that were made by Frank Barron. Dr. Barron showed his cards—cards with many different drawings and paintings on them—to creative people and their counter-parts, people who weren't especially creative, asking them to pick out the cards they liked best. The latter group chose the orderly cards; they liked things to be clear, understandable, uncluttered. But the creative people chose the chaotic cards. The most striking thing about the creative people was this taste for chaos. They preferred the scribbles where there was no form whatever; they found a challenge in the chaos. They yearned to make form out of it, “to make of the chaos about them an order which is their own,” as Henry Miller puts it. This is the purpose of their existence. This is the fundamental creative aspect of all human beings whether they are especially talented or not.

The human imagination is shown in these strivings—which may sometimes be passion and sometimes simply curiosity—to put things into form. It's what Einstein did when he proclaimed that matter and energy are related in one formula, E = mc2. Our human mind is continuously doing that, obviously on a lesser scale.

—Rollo May from My Quest for Beauty

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Connection Well!

Jane and I have been working for awhile to figure out how to connect writing partners in the same way we connected.  We feel it has been, and still is, incredibly beneficial to talk each morning at 7, then, write, and talk again.

We couldn't seem to figure out the logistics and then, like, that, we learned of NING, a social network.  We signed up yesterday and today began putting up content and figuring out what we want to say to invite those who are interested in writing and having a writing partner, into our own particular nest of expertise.

We will open it up in the next few days.  The first people who come will probably need to find and bring their own writing partner, though you could also come and see who else shows up.  We have no idea who will come but we are hoping there are a fair number of you who have been wanting a writing commitment with another person.  You could also commit to three or four people, but we feel that might dilute the experience.  It is easy to commit to one, and one feels a responsibility that is easily honored that way.

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this blog know how Jane and I began.  We usually wrote poems, because that was a form we both knew.  It was a chance for us to connect with another human being, without judgment, and to allow a creative verbal flow.

We both feel the writing together has changed our lives, given us meditation time, focus, relief, and peace.

We recommend it and invite you to join Connection Well, as soon as we have it set up.  We are hoping to complete the set-up in the next few days.

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Poem by Hayden Carruth -


    by Hayden Caruth

What many people fail to understand
about the art and science of mechanics
is that one may know perfectly what happens
under the hood of your car when you turn on
the ignition, and you may comprehend
to a nicety how the combination of pump
and pressure tank and heating coils produces
hot water when you turn the tap, and yet
the wonder never ceases.  That this can be
- and is - is what bestirs the mind and heart.
Ours is a faith that never starts a war
nor rips a living child from its warm womb,
a faith that needs no ghastly hierophant
hung dead upon a cross to speak for us.
It is faith in the miracle of the possible,
faith in the peaceful knowledge of what is true.