December 9th, 2007

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Good Morning!

We are staying on the 54th floor of the Millennium Hilton Hotel.   Since we are here for Steve to work on Freedom Tower, it makes sense to overlook the site.  I can tell you that they work seven days a week and late into the night to do the work.  It seems between the federal government and insurance companies, money is no object.  It is odd to look down on the toy machinery and tiny people scurrying about.

I had not realized what a tourist attraction this is.  People are lined up to see and an expensive walkway has been built to enhance the experience.

How odd it seems.  I have visited NY since 9-11, but never wanted to come to this end of the island and see the site.  Somehow the tragedy was what most resonated with me, but now I am here, and I see the rebuilding.  It will be magnificent and make the statement we seem to need.
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Evening -

It may not be evening for you in SF but it is totally dark in NY and as I look out the window and down at the streets I see a bunch of red stopped lights.

I hadn't mentioned that it seemed Steve may have gotten phlebitis or something else with even more letters.  I talked to Jeff's Doctor Jan about it.    He suffered excruciating pain on the plane and when we got here, so I enjoyed exploring the pharmacy and health food store for natural remedies.  He is doing better though still not tip-top.

As I walked along the street with bags of remedies, I realized how clearly how it is not what we are doing, but how we do it.  Nothing could be more "fun" than honoring the mission of getting Steve well, so he could walk. 

We took a cab to Rockefeller Center, so we could go to Top of the Rock, a place that Steve has spent a great deal of time with, and he was thrilled to show me the work he has done and all that was involved.  A little girl was crying and was too scared to go into the elevator.  When I explained to her that the man who developed the plan for the elevator would be going up with her, she dried her tears and went to the top and loved it.  She happily ran around.  What fun!  It is like an amusement car ride, and just like an amusement car ride, you wait in line and pay a ridiculous price and it was great fun.  The view is unbelievable and today was a gray day and still.  Wow!!

We walked to the GM building and the new Apple store, another major accomplishment and Steve explained to me why it is so amazing.  The elevator is glass, like Cinderella's glass slipper.  The structure is glass.   The steps you walk on are glass.  Someone works full-time cleaning that glass, and the store is non-stop people going in and out and up and down the staircase and up and down the elevator.  It, again, is amazing.   I saw the star on Fifth Avenue, and sang the song to myself about Fifth Avenue as I walked along.  I loved the Rockefeller Center star and tree, and lights, lights, lights, and music everywhere.

We had dinner, an early one, but it is cold outside, in an Italian place we like,  and then, returned.   Steve is again asleep., fighting off whatever this is.  I have him pumped him with vitamins, minerals, and everything.   I love NY.  I admit it.  I wouldn't want to live here but what an exciting place it is, especially this time of year.

We took a taxi to Rock Center because of Steve's foot, and took the subway back.  We went up and down trying to find the right train, and when we found ours, we happily sat amidst a great, happy meld of people.  Then a man got on who Steve assumed was older than he so he offered him his seat.  The man wasn't sure and so they both stood there, neither one wanting to admit to age, and then, finally the other man gratefully sat  down next to me.  Steve stood there, holding the pole, like a proud, courageous warrior of old. 

New York is a place of friendliness and chivalry.  It has been a beautiful day, and the views from this room are amazing.  I look out on the river and lights.  The church is across the street and this is a place of prayer, for lives lost, and now, let there be peace.

It is the only way, peace.

We must figure it out.    Peace.  Love.   Joy.   Tenderness.   Care.