December 12th, 2007

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Good Morning!!

I'm scurrying to catch the train to Fairfield to visit my brother, his wife, Jan, and Katy.  Hooray!!

Yesterday was a wondrous day.  Steve is A-OK, and I went to the Trinity Church and saw the marvelous root sculpture in red bronze.  Wow!!  I also love that church.  We celebrated a Christmas Day mass there once, and I sat for part of a service yesterday.  The sermon was on the one lost lamb being more important than the 99 who are safe.  I still struggle to understand that one.  A woman spoke, and in very generic language.  Times have changed in a good way.  I liked being tucked and snuggled in a pew rather than perched on a chair.  I wondered though if there is less place to hide in a chair and posture is clearly straight.

I wandered through Wall Street and Battery Park and enjoyed the National Museum of the American Indian through the Smithsonian Institute.  There was an exhibit by Norval Morriseau, a Shaman Artist, and an exhibit, Listening to Our Ancestors, The Art of Native Life along the North Pacific Coast.  I sat and listened to their music and recognized the spirituality of dance.

Steve and i went back to Rock Center, and I toured Fifth Avenue with another ride in the magic slipper glass elevator at Apple.  I went into St. Patricks's cathedral so enjoyed three churches of different sizes.  It is such a contrast, the churches, and the shopping.   It was mobbed with Christmas music playing and church bells chiming.

We saw the Blue Man group last night and they were great.   I have been told they are great and when I ask people to describe the program, they are unable to do so, so I have little to say, other than to mention that I won the gold for curling, and that they brought up a good question.  Why do people sit in internet cafes speaking to no one typing to people who are not there?  Hmmm!   That stays greatly with me plus the smiles, laughter, and excitement.  It was great.

Okay, I'm off to the train.  I am thinking I might go without my computer.  Ack!   I'll see if it yells as I try to get out the door, and you'll know if you hear from me before tomorrow evening.

Enjoy!!   Peace!!