January 10th, 2008

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Good Morning!

I woke this morning, fresh, determined to meet this day new, beginner's mind.   I rose and fed Tiger and Bella, and went back to bed to meditate.  I felt risen, like bread.

Jane and I spoke for a moment, then, wrote.

This is what comes to me as I meet each moment of this day, new.


I consider the word January as I type it in.

I only need to type the first few letters.   Computer knows and adds the numbers 10, and 2008.  I want to touch those numbers, round in their circles and loops.  There is only one straight line and then a roller coasts and swirls.

What do I want of this day?   What does it want of me?

Maybe we neither one want anything.  The rain is soft, the light.

Maybe we both are the blanket, the side touching skin and the side

touching air, bringing a layer of warmth to both,

the cohesion on water,

on which water-striders stalk and people holy enough can walk.

Maybe we pair there, solid between liquid,

and oh, the fog just moved in closer,


My heart is enmeshed in moist, curious air that’s come like a lover

to see and be a part of me.

This day a bouquet with blooms beyond counting, dating, numbers or time.

This day, mined.

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Jane's Poem of the Morning!!

In the oddities shop
where I never go
except when I don’t know what I’m
shopping for
I find a small brown speckled box tied with twine.
Inside a nest of shredded paper
and five small soaps
shaped like robin’s eggs.
The blue is yours.
You’ve claimed it.
Now I can give it to you.
Whatever severed that connection
is spent
has left,
if not what feels like forgiveness,

- Jane Flint

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Gail Collins on Hillary -

Perhaps we are all beginning to get a bit tired of hearing about the election and the polling mistakes due to economic levels and unstated prejudices on race, and on and on, but I think Gail Collins offers a fresh perspective amidst it all.   Check it out if you are so inclined: 


The problem as I see it is that it just goes on too long.  I propose a thirty day window in which the candidates could run around and speak.  Then we would all vote in the primary on the same day.  

It would be enough!

Wikipedia says about the Super Bowl. "A 17th bye-week has been added for TV exposure."

Hillary Clinton says the election process is not a game.  It certainly seems like politics and football are using the same playbook, and that is not to know when it's time to end the play.  

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Michelle Obama -

My brother has me watching videos of Michelle Obama on YouTube.  I just took fifteen minutes to enjoy her Address at the Women for Obama Luncheon.   She is natural and honest.  It is a relief.   Hillary dropped down into it for a moment, but I wonder if the act for her has gone on too long.  Check it out:

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I had planned to come gently to this site and talk about how this is still the hibernation time of year.  We don't need to beat ourselves up over what we may or may not be accomplishing.  Actually there is never a time for that, but this is especially a time of year to be slow and kind.

I also thought I would pull out of the news, but then, I see that Schwarzenegger wants to authorize the closure of 9 state parks, many of them my favorites.

I don't mind paying taxes and I pay plenty of them, but I do want something in return.  The park that I visit most often is the Tomales Bay State Park.  It seems very natural.  I'm not sure what the great expense is, and I don't see how the state government can close our natural landscapes to us.  

I also see that he is cutting everything that matters.   I don't agree with going into debt.  I think that government should spend only what they take in, but it seems this state does take in a great deal of money.  Why is there such a huge discrepancy?   Someone commented on SFGate that this will make the state an even more unattractive place to live which will help bring the housing prices down.  There is that.

Our schools are already poorly ranked.  Are we going to be the richest state in the union with the poorest schools?

We could raise taxes or we could become more efficient.

On Sunday, I watched two Cal Trans trucks pull up to a small hole.  One man got a small bag out of his truck and poured something into the hole.  The two men with their two trucks, lights ablaze, stood there for 30 minutes and watched it dry.   Is it possible there is some waste in our state government?   

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To counteract -

Here is Rod MacIver from Heron Dance!

Dear Heron Dancers,

I spent a lot of time this past weekend trying to narrow down and think through what I really mean by the statement, “the gentle arts of a well-lived life”. I thought, skied in the woods, meditated and made notes in my journal. When I started to meditate, the image of a teeter-totter surfaced.

Every time I thought of one guiding principle, a countervailing, equally valid principle came to mind. A teeter-totter is about balance. It is also about leverage—move the fulcrum to the right place and you can accomplish more with less effort. I’ve long noticed that people who accomplish a lot in life put careful thought into where they put the fulcrum. They look for places where a small amount of energy can produce a significant result, and they protect their energy. The first requirement of a balanced life is a quiet center. A mind that is rested and relaxed will produce a better quality of thought, and thus more effective work. The root of creativity is in the murky waters of deep imagination, and that process too requires a mind that is well rested and in touch with its quiet center.

I recently read somewhere that “rest is spiritual.” I think there is an element of magic to all of this. If you believe that there are forces out there larger and greater than ourselves, then a goal of life is to align yourself with them, to serve them, and to do work that honors them (or Them). But nobody sends us a postcard telling us what our work should be. It takes receptivity, a quiet mind, and sharp antennae. Effort, hard work and discipline definitely have roles to play, but energy has to be focused in the right direction, and that direction needs to be in sync with whatever Greater Powers exist out there. When you find the right work, and apply yourself to it, my experience has been that doors open and things fall into place.

But the first prerequisite for work of love is deep rest.

In celebration of the Great Dance of Life,

Rod MacIver


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Wonder -

Rachel Carson:

"If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the
christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in
the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last
throughout life."