January 21st, 2008

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Good Morning!

I look out on wood smoke.  There was some rain in the night and huge drops hang from the branches and leaves on the trees.

There are two eyes of blue amidst the gray face of the clouds.   Ah, now, they move slowly and gently away.

It is Martin Luther King day.  I love this day. I feel such peace.  

I add an evening entry after reading about the debates.  I see no reason for attacks.  I am disappointed.
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Something is wrong -

I read that Gary Coleman, the child actor, is trying to sell his pants on ebay to pay for Kidney Dialysis.  How sad is that?

I saw him in Avenue Q when I was in NY and I found it odd that his claim to fame was something done as a child.  How is that funny?

This is tragic.  Let him now be the poster child/adult for affordable and universal health care.   This is beyond ridiculous and what about those who don't have pants to sell?    Oh, I guess they don't need pants anymore.  They are gone.
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Snow -

Snow is predicted at 1500 feet so Mount Tam and Mount Diablo are expected to be dusted in white.   Hooray!!

NPR is addictive.  I listened to Lene Hau and then, went on to how we hear a smile, and the poet Calef Brown.  That's it for now.

Enjoy this brisk, cold day and rain is coming down.  Hooray!