January 24th, 2008

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Jane Hirshfield in the Morning!!

To Hear the Falling World
Only if I move my arm a certain way,
it comes back.
Or the way the light bends in the trees
this time of year,
so a scrap of sorrow, like a bird, lights on the heart.
I carry this in my body, seed
in an unswept corner, husk-encowled and seeming safe.
But they guard me, these small pains,
from growing sure
of myself and perhaps forgetting.
~ Jane Hirshfield ~
(Of Gravity & Angel)
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Jane this morning -

Here is Jane's writing of the morning.   She says the practice of watching sunrises and sunsets comes from Angeles Arrien.   The idea, also, is to write by hand as Julia Cameron, also, suggests.  It is raining today, but I can see how it would change what one writes to go outside and write on a piece of paper as the earth turns to bring the sun back to us again.

Here is Jane.

For one month
I watched
sunrise and set
each day --
noticed in each
the aspects
colors moods --
how the yielding
or unfurlings
marks me --
I see how
all that is
lays the map
for all that was
all that follows.

    - Jane Flint

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My thoughts of the morning -

And here is my morning free-write.   Jane and I are returning to our writing, which is a relief, after working to set up the social network, Connection Well.  We have now changed it, so one does not have to partner up.  You can just come and be inspired to write and share, or not, and comment, or not, on what other's share.   Let me know if you want an invite to check it out.

January 24, 2008


Karmic Appetite


The nature of mind is pure light.  Our experience of the world is passing waves on its surface.


It is raining and cold.

Tiger wants to go out, but instead he looks up at me,

the one who holds open the door.

He seems to be asking, “Why don’t you change the weather,”

as though mistaking me for God,

and maybe we all do that with our requests, forget that this movement of the elements is huge, is a vast sea and we are little bounced waves at work and play.


There is nothing to do, and there is.  We need to eat, unlike the waves.

They are camels striding, self-contained with water full to sloshing

in their humps.  

They break open on the shore, feast and eat, gobble and gobbled,

like Thanksgiving,

a cornucopia with one end closed,  and the other a wide opened mouth.


Where are we

in the waves of digestion?

Still beginning, chewed by teeth,

or floating in an organic sea,

enclosed in a whole,

that rises and sinks.  






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Hillary -

The NY Times endorsed Hillary.  They have good reasons for doing so.   I am disappointed though.  It seems like we have a race, and once again, even though we moved the primaries up in CA to February instead of June, it is like it is already decided.  Clinton vs. McCain is what they are saying.  I find it sad somehow tonight, and I am also enjoying the rain, and the knowing that surely it means we won't have water rationing this year.
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Gabrielle Roth -

I love Gabrielle Roth's book, Sweat Your Prayers, and her CD's that offer a chance to dance, move, and explore to different rhythms.

She has this to say.

"Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. In the marriage of flesh and spirit divorce is impossible."

-- Gabrielle Roth