March 8th, 2008

blue jellyfish

Good Morning!!

I am off to join a group of women in Palo Alto for our quarterly meeting.   We meet four times a year to celebrate the seasons, so today, is our day for Spring.

I want to thank Gentlemanfarmer for bringing to my attention how wonderful this world we live in is, and how much we have in this country.  We have the luxury of complaint, and we have power to immediately pass those complaints on to a vast range of people.  We have education, and fresh water pumped right to our homes to drink, water our plants, and bathe.   I will say if you live in CA, you worry about the education part, and people are trying and it is adequate, and it could use an infusion of money which it seems does not exist.   No, no, no, I say.  Don't go there.  :)

I realize now what a luxury it is to complain, and no one should know  better than I how much that is true.  One of the blessings of chemotherapy was I only had energy for "presence."   There was no judgment, no complaint, only appreciation for each breath.   Thank you, my friend, for the reminder.   For today, no complaints, only appreciation for all that I do have, and I have plenty.  My life is rich and blessed!!

Thank you for being here.

ayer's rock -

Evening -

It has been a long and productive day.   I was up at five, so feel more tired than this time of night might usually warrant.

I sit here tired, wondering what is mine to share.

What comes is silence.  Let's sit together, silent, for a time, for all time, and perhaps, with that permission, I will say a little more.

Today was about the ancestors.

My friends and I are trained in shamanic journeying.  That is what we do together four times a year.  We also feast well and ingest a little wine.   

I offer some quotes.

"All my ancestors live undiminished in me and will continue so to live, united with me, in my descendants."

       Miguel de Unamuno

"We derive nourishment from our ancestral past.  In a Ute song, it is said, "In our bones is the rock itself, in our blood is the river; our skin contains the shadow of every living thing we ever came across.  This is what we brought with us long ago."

    We are the sum of our ancestors. Our roots stretch back to blue-green algae; they stretch to the stars.  They ultimately reach the void.

    Between the great original emptiness, the ancestral void, and the body that reads these words, there stand numberless generations of inorganic and organic forms.  As geological history is written on a canyon wall, this history is inscribed in our psyches.

    Silence and solitude enjoin us to remember our whole and great body."

             - Joan Halifax

"Silence and solitude enjoin us to remember our whole and great body."    

This is where my dreams begin tonight, in honoring the past to bring forward the wisdom of the ancestors in aid to the future.  My vision is of peace, the head of the arrow struck into the ground, Mother Earth, war at rest, peace.  Vision comes from the eye of the eagle, the sweep of huge wings.  And now to sleep.