March 16th, 2008

gentle waterfall

Sleep -

I go to bed early and wake deliciously at five, and decide to give myself a little more bedtime delight, so go back to sleep and am greeted with a lovely dream.  I borrow a horse from the stable at TV and we make our gentle way down to the beach at TV and back, where there is a party going on, and little girls all dressed in white, with ribbons and baubles in their hair, and I sit at a picnic table enjoying them and a man comes up and pours me a huge glass of champagne, and then, offers me all kinds of unusual appetizers and things to eat.  I bring them home for dinner, and Jeff pops unexpectedly in.  What a treat!   Since I am meeting my other son Chris for breakfast in the East Bay, it seems I see them both  today.   I am happily rested and awake!   There is a place for sleep and dreams!

ocean by san base, searby friend

Ocean waves -

I type "ocean waves" and see it now as a noun with a verb, rather than a description of the waves.  I see the ocean waving at us, which is good, because I just read Maureen Dowd on Bush, and so my blood pressure has risen a bit, and I don't want to disturb you all on such a fine Sunday morning, so if you are interested you can drop in on her at the NY Times.  Meanwhile, enjoy the waves.  We are waving good-bye to many things we have enjoyed in this country for certainly my lifetime, and I hope that the change will not be too horrendous for us, but will instead encourage more looking within and enjoying without.

Yes, purposely obscure, like our president who has not a clue.

Happy Sunday to YOU!!

alan's flowers

rest -

I have come to a place of exhaustion, so will be going away for a few days.  I always take my laptop and check email and post wherever I am, but I am feeling a need for complete rest, so will travel only with a few special books and some notepads.  I need the ocean, bay, birds, sand, rocks, trees, sky, and wind.  I need to rest.