March 19th, 2008

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Inverness -

The photo is a satellite image of Tomales Bay.    I am returned, returned tuned to the rhythms of the Tomales Bay winds and tides.  

We drove out Lucas Valley Road, rather than going up the coast, and savored the green hills, valleys, streams and cows.

We stayed in a place right on Tomales bay in a unit with an outdoor shower and a loft reached by ladder with a view of the bay, so I could lie in bed with my head on the pillow and watch the moonlight on the water and the arrival of the day.   Wow!   We had crisp, crackling fireplace fires morning and night.   The main decision was whether to view and listen to the movement of the fire or the sea.

We also went to the Point Reyes book store and three new books found their way to me.  

I am now again tuned to my inner rhythms.  The region of Point Reyes is my place.  I love it there.  I can't be away too long, and I rarely spend the night so to have two nights there was a special treat.  I am still adjusting back and refining the world here with the one there, and feeling and honoring the tides as they move and circulate inside me.  

We spent a great deal of time just watching and listening to the tide go in and out.  It is enough.

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the war in Iraq -

I know that today is a day to protest.  I see that many are arrested.   In this moment, I am still moving with the tides, unable to settle back in to politics and the news, though I did quickly peruse.  I am grateful to the many people who have created the open space of West Marin, and who produce the organic juices and food.

I am aware that Barack Obama made a marvelous speech on race.   I will read and watch it today.  I may be the only one who hasn't seen it at this point, but if there is another out there, let us settle in with what I read and hear is a marvel of a speech.

point reyes is a poem

West Marin

I returned from Inverness to an article by Jim Wood who has traveled all over the globe with his wife, and said their recent four days and three nights in West Marin were the best.  I agree.

On another note, and how wonderful that there are so many notes in this world,  Jesse Jennings writes:

    "Alan Watts was a Buddhist teacher who for a time was an Episcopal priest. His life's work was explaining Eastern philosophy to the Western mind while seeking middle ground between the two.

     He once expressed that if a flower had a God it would not be a transcendental flower, or a great big flower or an all-powerful patriarchal flower, but a field, or integrated pattern of energy, which would "not only be flowering, but also earthing, raining, shining, birding, worming and beeing.  A sensitive flower would," he added, "through its roots and membranes, feel out into this entire pattern and so discover itself as a particular exultation of the whole field" - as may we, in our own way."