April 2nd, 2008

fairy penguins - australia

Fairy Penguins -

My dentist was recently in Australia and saw fairy penguins.  I had not heard of them, so googled.   Check them out if you are interested.

What an amazing world in which to live.   Fairy Penguins.   In Australia.  Wow!


The true traveler has no destination
and no fixed time of arrival.

    - Laozi

It works for me.   Travel, Ho!!

little penguin - sydney zoo

open -

Suffering begins to dissolve when we can question the belief or the hope that there's anywhere to hide.

    - Pema Chodrun

Look at the Little Penguin, a fairy penguin, at the Sydney Zoo.  Isn't he or she cute?

There is nothing to hide!!    I think now of Bella.  She loves to hide under a blanket, and usually, her tail or more is out, and yet, because she can't see us, she is sure she is hidden and presumably safe.  I think when we recognize there is nowhere to hide, that all is seen and known, certainly by ourselves, and most likely by others, well, then, we live more comfortably within our own hide, or skin, a very permeable membrane of involvement with the world.

alan's marigolds

Reflection -

I am rarely sick, but today, for some reason, I am, so I sit and reflect.

from the Course in Miracles:

    Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.

It's quite a mantra, isn't it?

William Blake - Ancient of Days!

Meaning -

The Bushman storytellers talk about two kinds of hunger.  They say there is a physical hunger, then what they call the Great Hunger.  That is the hunger for meaning.  There is only one thing that is truly insufferable, and that is a life without meaning.  There is nothing wrong with the search for happiness.  But there is something great - meaning - which transfigures all. When you have meaning you are content, you belong.

    - Sire Laurens van der Post -
             in the documentary Hasten Slowly