April 14th, 2008

alan's marigolds

capsaicin -

The heat of the last few days is alleviated by a welcoming hand of fog, oh, that the sun just turned pink.  Oh!!

This morning when my contact lens hit my eye, there was a sting.  I remembered the serrano chili that I cut and crushed into the guacamole yesterday.  Though I had washed my hands many times, capsaicin is a powerful substance, and added a little zing to my morning ritual.  I don't need it every morning, but it was a lovely reminder today.  

Our sensory awareness homework for this week is to "Be with breathing in the morning before getting out of bed."   "Offering yourself the possibility of having nowhere to go, and nothing to do, can you simply pause and discover how breathing comes to meet you?  How is it to meet each changing breath?  Can it be new in each moment?"

Give yourself five minutes for this today and see what comes.  I notice a new sitting. I am alert and awake, and supple, too.  

Consider a small bag made of silk, and half-way filled with sand, solid, liquid, hard, soft.  Be mobile and juicy today, and allow a sting of heat to prod awareness today.  

Happy Monday!

Book Cover

"God must be an octopus."

I was reading a short essay by a friend that is from a collection of stories about New York.

Dorothy Spears in "God Must Be an Octopus," is writing about her children and their lives in the aftermath of 9-11.  They saw and heard the collapse of the towers.

She writes:

    "I started to tell the teacher how yesterday Ferran and Alex had stood by the West Side Highway waving American flags and thank you signs and shaking the hands of firemen. One child had asked about a certain fireman, and when his mother said, “God took him to Heaven,” the child’s brother sighed, “God must be an octopus.”"

It is as good of an explanation of his "powers" as I've heard.
ashes and snow - wings

Prayers tonight -

Prayers tonight for little Engla, whose name means Angel.  She was killed in Sweden this week, and lifted straight up to heaven, and so we can each have a little ray of sunshine for ourselves tonight by connecting to her innocence with candles and prayer.   She was ten.  Prayers for her family too.

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you never know -

A friend of mine shared that she was talking to someone who said, "If I die."   It seems pretty clear that it is a when, and not an if.   I read tonight of a woman who was hit by a large piece of a redwood tree today and killed.   She had walked her dog and was in the parking lot at Stern Grove.   That really does say when your time is up, it is up.

Who could imagine such a thing and yet, so it is.   We never know.    I am alert tonight and somewhat peaceful as I consider all the events of this day.  We never know, and, again, prayers for Engla and the woman struck by a redwood tree.