May 15th, 2008

alan's flowers


I barely slept there was so much excitement in the warm night, and this morning I don't believe I've ever heard so much twittering.  I could hear and feel it and had to be up to be with all the night creatures and the movement of the moon.  I read two books instead of sleeping, Barbara Hurd's Walking the Wrack Line, On Tidal Shifts and What Remains, and Ezra Pound's ABC of Reading.  Both are short and delicious, great books for the night. 

We had a twenty cubic feet debris box delivered this morning, and I am looking forward to filling it.  We used to be able to fit both cars in the garage.  Now, it is a squeeze for one, and so it is time to go through the stacks of stuff and see what can go.  I am in the mood for it..

It is a Spare the Air day, so a good day to be home and begin removing the clutter that accumulates, stagnates and clogs.  I am ready for new movement.   We do this about every six years.   It is again time

Mark Doty -

    Is that what soul or spirit is, then, the outward-flying attention, the gaze that binds us to the world?

heart's desire

It works to speak!!

My trip to Sacramento to advocate for the parks was worth it.  My beloved Heart's Desire will stay open.......

Here is the news.

Reversal on parks cuts

Peter Fimrite

(05-14) 19:19 PDT -- PROPOSAL: The governor's budget would reverse a proposal made in January to dismiss employees and close 48 parks and beaches, including nine in the Bay Area. The plan now is to cut $1.5 million out of the parks budget and make that up by raising entrance fees a maximum of $2. Revenue also could be raised through cabin rentals and fees at new campgrounds.

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: All of the state parks will remain open, and all employees, including lifeguards on state beaches, will remain on duty. The 6.5 million visitors a year who would have been harmed by the proposed closures will continue to enjoy the parks, but all visitors will have to pay $1 to $2 more in entrance fees. Candlestick Point State Recreation Area in San Francisco, Tomales Bay State Park in Inverness and the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park are among the local parks that got a reprieve. About 600,000 children a year take organized tours of state parks, learning about nature, history, geography and biology.

REACTION: "We are really grateful that Californians will be able to continue to use their parks," State Parks Director Ruth Coleman said. "Of all the years that it matters, this is the one, because people are really suffering from high gas prices and a faltering economy. People need a place to get away that doesn't cost them too much and doesn't use too much gas."



alan's marigolds

Gratitude -

I want to thank the governor of California and the legislators and all the people who spoke out for the parks.  This was a team effort, and I am grateful that my legislators did recognize the importance to the people of the parks..

If I had time I would write personal letters, but Jane and I have again finished the absolute final revision of the book and are now in a push to get it out.   Part of that for me is getting rid of clutter.  I have to dig through the clutter to find our proposals and all the work we did before on this. 

We began that aspect and then went back to the book.  Now, it is time to return to marketing,  so I am excited about a fun, full day.

Yesterday was a play day and today is a different orientation and all of it is great.

Save the air as much as is possible today.   Caress it like a bud in a vase.

green gulch farm

Light -

Our many desires are like the small metal coins we carry about in our pocket.  The more we have the more they weigh us down.

- Satya Sai Baba