May 16th, 2008

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same-sex marriage -

Living where I live, I am surprised to read that same-sex marriage may be such an issue in the presidential election, that California's decision yesterday to allow it may so upset the Conservatives that it may hand the election to McCain......

I keep thinking that rationality will rule, but when I read some of the comments on articles written I have to wonder about the level of rational thought in this country. I heard Susan Griffin interviewed by Michael Krasny this week on her new book on democracy. She is worried the American people are losing their ability to reason critically as evidenced by their continuing acceptance of presidential lies, and so, gay marriage is the issue that may determine the election. It boggles the mind.....
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the problem with headlines -

This column by David Brooks is headlined Obama Admires Bush.

Well, that certainly draws the eye, which is the intention, I suppose, but it is the first Bush he admires, not this one, and we have to get to the end of the article to discover that.

I am not impressed with that kind of enticement to arouse and I know sensationalist headlines and titles will continue, but I would still have read an article titled "Obama Admires First Bush." I find it titled this way quite a turn-off, and will consider David Brooks differently from now on.
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the Golden Lotus -

This inscription is on the grave of Sylvia Plath.

"Even amidst fierce flames the Golden Lotus can be planted."

Ted Hughes said the quotation was from the Bhagavid-Gita (the Hindu scriptures), but according to a site on Sylvia Plath,  it is not there.....

Instead it seems to have come from the book 'Monkey' written by Wu Ch'Eng-En in the middle of the sixteenth century. It is on page 23 of the penguin classics edition. It is spoken by a Patriarch who is teaching Monkey the way of long life. The full quotation is :-

"To spare and tend the vital powers, this and nothing else is sum and total of all magic, secret and profane. All is comprised in these three, spirit, breath and soul; guard them closely, screen them well; let there be no leak. Store them within the frame; that is all that can be learnt, and all that can be taught. I would have you mark the tortoise and snake, locked in tight embrace. Locked in tight embrace, the vital powers are strong; even in the midst of fierce flames the Golden Lotus may be planted, the five elements compounded and transposed, and put to new use. When that is done, be which you please, Buddha or Immortal."