May 28th, 2008

alan - joshua tree bloom

Good Morning!

I keep reflecting on these Rumi words:

"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars...the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance."

Rumi, 13th century

egg stone

the world within -

There is no reality except the one contained in us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.

- Hermann Hesse

Book Cover

flowering ease -

Searching for the Dharma
You've traveled up ten thousand steps in search of the Dharma.
So many long days in the archives, copying, copying.
The gravity of the Tang and the profundity of the Sung
make heavy baggage.
Here! I've picked you a bunch of wildflowers.
Their meaning is the same
but they're much easier to carry.
~ Xu Yun ~
(Empty Cloud: The Autobiography of the Chinese Zen Master,
Trans. Charles Luck, ed. by Richard Hunn)