August 6th, 2008

gentle waterfall

Good Morning!

Today is my day with my young friend Zach.  We are planning a return to the Discovery Museum.

My book group meets in the East Bay tonight, so it will be a day away.  I am looking out on a blue and white sky.

I take this from Maureen Dowd's column today.  I was unaware that McCain got into Annapolis by legacy and that Obama got into Harvard Law School without saying he was black.  I think it says something about both men.  Obama wrote his own books and McCain did not.  Now, McCain is sinking to juvenile, cruel, and unethical ads to try and win the election.  Sad.

Maureen Dowd:

"Obama wrote his own books, while McCain’s were written by Salter. McCain knows he’s the affirmative action scion of admirals who might not have gotten through Annapolis without being a legacy. Obama didn’t even tell Harvard Law School that he was black on his application."

Which man do we want to lead us now?   We've had the one who inherited the presidency.  Let's have the one who earns it, and return to the days when intelligence was a requirement to be president.

goldsworthy - branch

Poem by Wendell Berry -

No, no, there is no going back.
Less and less you are
that possibility you were.
More and more you have become
those lives and deaths
that have belonged to you.
You have become a sort of grave
containing much that was
and is no more in time, beloved
then, now, and always.
And so you have become a sort of tree
standing over the grave.
Now more than ever you can be
generous toward each day
that comes, young, to disappear
forever, and yet remain
unaging in the mind.
Every day you have less reason
not to give yourself away.
~ Wendell Berry ~
(The Sabbath Poems)