October 28th, 2008

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Reflection -

It is Tuesday and we leave early tomorrow, so each thing we do is for the last time.  There is something bittersweet about it and we are ready to come home. 

We walk in a different direction this morning with no desire to come to anything of note, but that is not possible in Rome.  We cross a bridge, new to us, and are at the Piazza de Popolo.  There is a huge piazza and a demonstration is going on, though it isn’t even 9 in the morning.  Students are standing around the obelisk in white medical coats.  It seems this new conservative government wants to close two hospitals.  Everyone we meet and talk to is appalled and opposed. 

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The Altar of Peace!

It is Tuesday afternoon in Rome, actually evening.  It is almost six, though since daylight savings time went off this last Sunday, it feels like seven.  


I wonder if since language influences our music, if plants, too, those that surround us, also influence the way we take root and hold the sky. 


Today, I begin to feel tired.  Bells now chime.  I perk with that, as I wonder if there is a let-down when we know it is time to go home, a recognition of what it takes to be in a foreign place where everything and even the language is new.


The rain stopped so I headed out again across our local bridge to the Museo Dell’Ara Pacis, which we circled the first day we were here, but I hadn’t gone in.  I see a full rainbow as I cross the bridge, arcing all its colors, leading me like a light.


The museum, designed by the architect, Richard Meier, is a beautiful modern building of glass and white.  I am disoriented at first as I compare the serenity inside with the ancient buildings rising outside and the vehicles zooming by.   Too many time periods and variations on speed. 


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Coming home -

I rise at three, more than ready to leave at five.  I am packed and in my meditation this morning asked myself what I had learned.  I have new awareness of clouds and light.  I am inspired by Augustus.    When I see all that he was able to do,  without the internet, I believe that Barack Obama can fulfill what we are all wanting and needing.

We have to care for everyone.  We share the same lifeboat, and there is more than enough for all.

I'm hoping all goes smoothly today and my next post is from home.