October 31st, 2008

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on Rome time -

I thought I would take a little nap at four and slept through and woke at 7 AM, Rome time.  I thought I was doing really well with the adjustment back, and, ....

It was so dark and cold here on what now feels like yesterday that I think my body thought day was night and so 4 PM was the perfect time for bed.

Now, I am up and wide-awake and considering the economy in terms of how it affects my friends.   Scary stuff, and maybe it helps bring us closer, feeds compassion.   I sit with these words now, and know we need a leader with vision.   May this be so.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
~ Proverbs 29:18 ~

alan - three poppies

"Silence is like scouring sand."

Here is another article from Orion, another must-read.


George Hempton is working to find and maintain areas that are "one square inch of silence."

I offer some excerpts from the article by Kathleen Dean Moore to entice.

"Gordon leads me into the dense forest where rain and wind are muffled by moss. Even so, on the path to this silent place, the natural sounds are deafening. “In a forest like this,” he says, leaning close to my ear, “a drop of rain may hit twenty times before it reaches the ground, and each impact—against a cedar bough, a vine-maple leaf, a snag—makes its own sound.” He crouches beside a fern-banked stream. “You can hear the treble tones,” he says, “but do you hear the bass undertones as well?” I kneel on the moss beside him, soaking through the knees of my rainpants.

I’ve never listened to water quite this way before, with such close attention to its music. “You can change the pitch of a stream by removing a stone.” I lift a cobble out of the water. The chord loses some of its brightness, picks up a drone I didn’t hear before. “A stream tunes itself over time,” Gordon says, “tumbling the rocks into place.” A channel gouging through the mud that remains after a hillside has been logged is “only noise. But an old mossy stream? That’s a fugue.” Once, he tells me, he heard wind move up the Hoh valley, knocking dry leaves off the bigleaf maple trees. “It sounded,” he says, “like a wave of applause.”

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Happy Halloween!

I've now seen photos of Zach and Emilia in their Halloween costumes.   They bring back many memories.   It's a holiday with a complex history and for today we can all have fun.   Some from the past considered this day the beginning of a new year.  Perhaps, each day, could be so honored as moments thread with beginning and end.