November 15th, 2008

alan - joshua tree bloom

Re-visiting the past -

I have been really walloped health-wise, and even got a virus rash, which my daughter-in-law informs me usually happens to children, but I have it and I look like a polka-dotted little child with a pink tummy and legs, and finally today some energy returns, so I open all windows and doors, and go down to the basement to tackle many, many years of journals stored down there.  I open one at random and see these words written in April of 96.

A friend tells me of seeing Jesse Jackson years ago in Harlem talking to schoolkids.  He told them to repeat with every step and breath.

"If your mind can conceive it,
 And your heart can believe it,
 Then, you can achieve it."

It has taken years of mantras like this to fulfill the dream of a man like Obama as president.   Jesse Jackson was probably hoping those words would bring him to the Oval Office, but our dreams are for us all, and the man who now represents us holds all our mantras open to hope and truth.