November 17th, 2008

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Good Morning!

A friend of mine attended a Rilke workshop yesterday at the Jung Institute, so quite a combination of joys.   She sends me this poem of Rilke.   What a way to begin the day.  I look out on pink sky and a newly awakening world again today.

"What is inwardness
What, if not sky intensified,
flung through with birds and deep
with winds of homecoming?
   Ah, not to be cut off"

(uncollected poems 1925 Munzot)

Italy - rome - ara pacis

Recovery -

Under the Bush administration we have been at war, internally and externally.  Now, we must heal.   Here is Thomas Merton on the subject.

It is true, political problems are not solved by love and mercy. But the world of politics is not the only world, and unless political decisions rest on a foundation of something better and higher than politics, they can never do any real good. When a country has to be rebuilt after war, the passions and energies of war are no longer enough. There must be a new force, the power of love, the power of understanding and human compassion, the strength of selflessness and cooperation, as the creative dynamism of the will to live and to build, and the will to forgive, the will for reconciliation.

Thomas Merton. Honorable Reader. Robert E. Daggy, editor. (New York: Crossroads Publications, 1989): 125

barack obama

Great Men -

I just watched Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama and he speaks so well of what happened with McCain and Obama, that I think it is important to watch even after the election. His words are essential for the nation if it is to continue its perception as a melting pot as we go forward now.