November 30th, 2008

Zach at the beach

This time of year -

I love this time of year, how the sun rises and sets, the way the tides move in and out.  I feel so stroked.  Perhaps it is the candles at night, the fires in the fireplace, but it seems more than that.  It seems there is a fire in my heart that also is tender with the light.

alan - three poppies

Journal Review -

I believe I mentioned I have set myself the task of going through my journals of the past.  They take up a great deal of room and mainly have meaning only for me, so I am culling what might have meaning to my family and tossing the rest.

I come across these little tidbits though that give a hint of what is to come in our society.

This is from March, 1992, sixteen years ago.


Jeff points out that the paper today seems to consider these two headlines of equal importance.  The NFL throws out the instant replay and South Africa ends Apartheid. 

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