December 13th, 2008

point reyes is a poem

Good Morning!

I look out on stillness.  The hoped for rain is not pounding down.  The sky lightens with lavender.

My book group is meeting in the city today,  dining at the famed Slanted Door in the ferry building.  We agreed that the food is good enough that we will tolerate the noise.    Three of us will take the ferry over from Marin, and three will arrive on Bart from the East Bay.  What a way to travel!!

A vulture just does a lovely circle in the sky, then, four flaps and another spiral.

He looks for something on which to dine.  I love watching the thermal lift him or her higher and higher and up over the hill.

Maybe that is what I will do with my heart, thermal it upward trusting that we can begin to see more clearly from a higher height that we are all in this economic mess together.  It is not you against me, or state against state.  Unity of bird and sky.

Gail Collins writes well today on the subject of kindness and common sense.

Op-Ed Columnist

The Dreaded Fairness Doctrine

Published: December 13, 2008

Researchers recently announced the results of a study about dogs and fairness that sheds new light on the auto industry bailout debate.

Trust me.  There's going to be a connection.  But first the scientific news:  Folks at the University of Vienna conducted a test in which dogs were asked to shake hands over and over and over again. If you have any experience with dogs, you will not be surprised to hear that they were absolutely delighted. And they didn’t care about being paid! The opportunity to perform the same trick endlessly with a stranger in a white coat was reward enough.

Then the researchers brought in new dogs that were given a piece of bread as a reward for every handshake. The uncompensated dogs watched, lost their innate love of mindless repetition and grew sullen.

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alan's beach photo

Evening -

I saw the moon come up and it was absolutely huge.  The ferry trip to the city and back was fantastic.  The Slanted Door deserves its rave reviews.  The food was incredible and we all enjoyed a marvelous time.

We went to see the movie Milk tonight.   If you haven't seen it, definitely plan to do so.  It may be in my top ten movies and certainly Sean Penn as Harvey Milk is astonishing.  He deserves the best actor Academy Award.  I kept thinking if they could have brought it out a few months sooner, prop. 8 might have had a different result. 

We lived here at the time so there were no surprises for us, but I was surprised at how many people in the audience gasped when they saw how Dan White was sentenced.  I assumed that everyone in the audience knew the story, especially since this is the Bay area.  I knew the ending, obviously, and was still stunned.  I remember that day so well, the shock and the movie conveys it well.
  It is beautifully done, and Harvey Milk's spirit is beautifully and artfully shown.   Again, it is, in my opinion, a must-see.

Utah Natural Bridges - a starry night sk


I don't know who wrote this, but I think it is well-said.

Dear World:

The United States of America, your quality supplier of the
ideals of liberty and democracy, would like to apologize for its
2001-2008 service outage. The glitch that led to this eight-year
service interruption has been located, and the parts responsible
for it were replaced Tuesday night, November 4. Early tests of the
newly-installed equipment indicate that it is functioning
correctly, and we expect it to be fully functional by mid to late
January. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the outage,
and we look forward to resuming full service,
and hopefully to improving it in years to come.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.