December 24th, 2008

snow and ashes

Peace -

I love this story and it arrives this morning from Sojourners.  

Silent Night, by Stanley Weintraub, is the story of Christmas Eve, 1914, on the World War I battlefield in Flanders. As the German, British, and French troops facing each other were settling in for the night, a young German soldier began to sing "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht." Others joined in. When they had finished, the British and French responded with other Christmas carols.

Eventually, the men from both sides left their trenches and met in the middle. They shook hands, exchanged gifts, and shared pictures of their families. Informal soccer games began in what had been "no-man's-land." And a joint service was held to bury the dead of both sides.

The generals, of course, were not pleased with these events. Men who have come to know each other's names and seen each other's families are much less likely to want to kill each other. War seems to require a nameless, faceless enemy.


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Cocooning -

We are blessed with rain this year and cool temperatures.   Perfect!!    My family gathers early today and we snuggle into a cocoon of love for the next few days.

Well, there is always love, but we confine it for a few days in a concentrated space.   Laser Love.    My brother and his family are celebrating in Paris,so there is a European spur to our celebration too.   They will dine at the Eiffel Tower on Christmas day, 7 PM Paris time, 10 AM, our time. 

The world gets smaller and smaller.  The victory of Barack Obama was celebrated around the world.  I believe in people, in what they can do.  A strong brainwashing has gone through this country, a mass hypnotism that might be viewed as frightening, and my hope and intent for this new year is that we do come together and spray love, love, love with every breath and thought.   I see it as possible.  Imagine the ease when we breathe intention for fresh air, clean water, shared resources, and for the women of the Congo, extra-strong prayer.  

space - two galaxies

Shattered Stars -

I was telling Jane this morning how much I love the Hubble Space Craft Advent Calendar and when she looked at it, she was reminded of this poem by Gary Young.

When your children ask, will you always love me, say you will love them
forever, and then tell them what forever means. You can explain the
heavens if they ask, and tell them, your bodies are made from the
dust of shattered stars. But when they ask you, will I ever die , then lie to
them. They’re still young, and it might frighten them if you said no.

- Gary Young