December 27th, 2008

alexander calder

Life as an Opened Advent Calendar!

I woke from a wonderful dream of a wind chime with memories and each hanging chime had a key and I could take a key from that hanging chime and insert it in its own personal chest, and the memory exploded like one of those three-dimensional calendars or cards.

Then, I dreamed I was with a group of friends and again we could do anything.  Each day was a harmonious collection of possibilities and doings.  There was this calm sense of excitement that resulted in feeling that I could be all the pages and doors of an Advent Calendar at one time, so my toes are one door or window and my fingers another and they are constantly changing like the images on the Hubble Space Craft Advent Calendar, which if you haven't yet checked out, I suggest you do.  I am dancing with those images, as they exist outside of us and inside of us too.   Galaxies within and without.   

A beautiful life to ALL, large, small and inbetween!!

space - pillars of creation

Helping to save our canyonlands!

If you have ever been to the Canyonlands, you know the beauty is beyond compare and what is evoked stays with you forever. I have been a couple of times. One time we traveled with our mountain bikes, Steve, Jeff, Chris and I, and rode the trails. I am proud to have completed the Slickrock Trail in Moab in a most respectable time, which is not to say I could do it today.

We rented a jeep and drove and walked to the canyonland cathedrals. Jeff played his flute and the birds gathered above. We thought of moving there, but the politics of Utah did not work for us. Also, at the time, they didn't serve wine with lunch, not that the local winery, Arches, was wine you would necessarily want to drink.

Anyway, as we all know, the Bush administration is trying to destroy this area before he leaves office. He hasn't destroyed enough, though the rest of us quake daily with the damage he has done.

If you are interested in supporting Tim DeChristopher, who the Bush administration could, under the guise of calling his actions of civil disobedience, terrorism, destroy, check out this website and how to give to support him and the land we need and love to keep and share.
ashes and snow - wings

Valkyrie -

We saw the movie Valkyrie today.  It was not heavily attended, though it opened only yesterday.  I recommend it.  I was on the edge of my seat even though the ending is obvious.  There were many plots to assassinate Hitler.   This one was so well-conceived, so close, and would have saved so many lives that it is beyond tragic that it failed.  I think it is an important movie to see, to honor those who risked their lives and died, trying to eliminate what Hitler was doing and continued to do.  I knew there were failed plots.  I don't know that I fully grasped the courage, intellect, and risk it took to put them into place.  

This movie is excellent in showing the courage we all would love to demonstrate.   It also points out that eliminating the top guy is not always enough.  I think Cheney keeps Bush safe.  

snow and ashes - small

A Book of Silence!

Some months ago, a friend recommended the book, A Book of Silence, by Sara Maitland.   Its arrival kept being delayed and then it arrived today and oh, my, I highly recommend this book.  I am entranced.    If you love exploring the energy of silence,  the warm and wild wrap of solitude, then, this book is for you. 

She writes of silence, silence of growing things, growing in the ground.

"In our noise-obsessed culture, it is easy to forget just how many of the major physical forces on which we depend are silent - gravity, electricity, light, tides, the unseen and unheard spinning of the whole cosmos.  The earth spins, it spins fast.  It spins about its own axis at about 1,700 kilometres per hour (at the Equator); it orbits the sun at 107,218 kilometres per hour.  And the whole solar system spins through the spinning galaxy at speeds I hardly dare to think about.  The earth's atmosphere spins with it, which is why we do not feel it spinning. It all happens silently."

I was a tour guide when I was a student at UCLA.  I took groups and individuals around the campus, and as part of that one time entered a chamber of silence.  I heard sounds in my body, in my ears, and yet, there are times, much of the time here where I live when all is silence.  I study there.