January 4th, 2009

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

Sunday Morning!

Since I went through chemo, I rarely listen to music.  It is as though my nervous system is too easily stimulated, but this morning I am listening to Ashana's beautiful CD All Is Forgiven,  and looking out on the ice that covers the deck.  I rose this morning thinking my heater must be broken since it was running away as though dollar bills were not attached to its use, but I see that it was doing its job and adjusting the house to the low temperature at which it is set.

This poem puzzled me.  When I first read it, I picked the number one.  One multiplied by nine is nine, one digit.   Hmmm!

Then, I finally tried all the numbers.  Ah!

I plan to walk to Piatti this morning for brunch.  It will be a brisk walk along the bay.  The tide will determine whether I see birds floating or munching in the marsh.   Peace!

Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange

by Kevin Griffith

Pick a number from one to ten. Okay, now multiply that number
by nine. You will have a two-digit number. Add those two digits.
Now subtract five from that number. Take that number and find
its corresponding letter in the alphabet (1=A, 2=B, etc.). Now
think of a country that begins with that letter. Now name an
animal that begins with the last letter of the country. Finally, name
a fruit that begins with the last letter of that animal.


cirque du soleil trapeze

Contemplate -

Tomorrow is the day we really move into the New Year.   Schedules return and work begins.    It is a day to further contemplate what we see ahead and to honor what brought us here. 

“Please… tell me who you are and what you want. And if you think those are simple questions, keep in mind that most people live their entire lives without arriving at an answer.”

-- Gary Zukav

alan - winter bird

clearing -

I am using today to go through my email box which again bursts to overflowing and I come across some gems.

Written on Christmas Eve, 1513

I salute you.  I am your friend, and my love for you goes deep. 
There is nothing I can give you which you have not.  But there is much,
very much, that, while I cannot give it, you can take.  No heaven can
come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today.  Take heaven!
No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present little instant.
Take peace! The gloom of the world is but a shadow.  Behind it, yet within
our reach, is joy. There is radiance and glory in darkness, could we but see. 
And to see, we have only to look.  I beseech you to look!

Life is so generous a giver.  But we, judging its gifts by their covering,
cast them away as ugly or heavy or hard.  Remove the covering, and you
will find beneath it a living splendor, woven of love by wisdom, with power.
Welcome it, grasp it, and you touch the angel's hand that brings it to you.
Everything we call a trial, a sorrow or a duty, believe me, that angel's hand is there.
The gift is there and the wonder of an overshadowing presence.  Your joys, too,
be not content with them as joys.  They, too, conceal diviner gifts.

Life is so full of meaning and purpose, so full of beauty beneath its covering,
that you will find earth but cloaks your heaven.  Courage then to claim it; that is all!
But courage you have, and the knowledge that we are pilgrims together,
wending through unknown country home.

And so, at this time, I greet you, not quite as the world sends greetings,
but with profound esteem and with the prayer that for you, now and
forever, the day breaks and shadows flee away.

~ Fra Giovanni ~

book lovers

for lovers of words


1. A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired.

2. A will is a dead giveaway.

3. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

4. A backward poet writes inverse.

5. In a democracy it's your vote that counts; in feudalism, it's your Count that votes.

6. A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.

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laurel and hardy

I Am a Strange Loop!!

I started reading Douglas Hofstadter's book, I Am a Strange Loop today.

It is about his exploration of the soul, the I.

I was sitting outside on the deck, contemplating the feel of the sun's rays and considering what the light was experiencing as it left the sun and touched my face, and watching Bella as she looked off the deck, played with a leaf, and washed her paw and face.

I felt so "one" with it all that I couldn't imagine, and maybe I rarely can, thinking of myself as "better than," or higher on some hierarchy than cat, spider, sky.

I look forward to more of this book and suggest it to you as a way to more firmly center your self,  stir your mind,  stimulate your brain, and fizz and consume the year. 

goldsworthy - branch

Education -

If we taught babies to talk as most skills are taught in school, they would memorize lists of sounds in a predetermined order and practice them alone in a closet.

- Linda Darling-Hammond