January 11th, 2009

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Conception -

Have you ever thought of your moment of conception, given it fifteen minutes of thought?

Perhaps, consider your conception, then, nine months in the womb, the womb of your mother, and now, the one we navigate, supported by a cord we may or may not feel.

Honor conception and birth.

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Maybe that last "exercise" was too hard.  :)

Remember though it is about you and not your parents, your moment of conception, of "dropping in." 

I am reading Ode Magazine this morning.

Many people are honored.  One is Gay Luce.  I am familiar with her Nine Gates Mystery School because it is offered near where I live, but I learn that she has now set it up for young people.  

She says, "Our society says, "You may not express your sadness, your worries - you can't have any emotion except cheer.  I realized the youth needed a place where they could feel accepted and loved unconditionally."

Ode says:

Kids in the program learn to connect to their emotions and their spirits through a series of exercises and rituals drawn for the world's spiritual traditions. In a loving communal atmosphere, they learn skills like meditation, creating sacred space, self-hypnosis, emotional release and non-violent communication.  Parents say their children come back transformed from moody teenagers into self-aware, loving young people.  The school's effect on students is mysterious even to Luce.  "The students have these explosions of confidence. It's like magic to me."

Yesterday, I spent with a lovely group of people.  I see the demands we put on ourselves that lead to war.  There are many ways for each of us to cultivate peace within, peace that is vital, nourishing, alive.  Today, at 10:30 in each time zone has been designated a time to pause to pray for and request peaceful resolution in the Middle East.  May solutions reveal and found.

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space -

I believe most, if not all of us, are territorial.  Hannah Holmes explores "My Space" in Orion magazine.   Her essay is adapted from her book, The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself.

I place the last paragraph of the essay here as it has pieces to entice.

"In addition to defending my core area, I also maintain a bubble of space that surrounds me wherever I go.  I feel it bump up against competitors when I stand in line at the grocery store, and my bubble shudders with irritation when another driver cuts in front of me or follows too near behind. In fact, one of the seminal studies on human territoriality focused on drivers.  In 1997, a sociologist measured the time it takes for a driver at a shopping mall to vacate a parking space.  He found that a human takes seven seconds longer when another human is waiting for the space.  And if the waiting human blasts his horn, the occupant will defend the temporary territory for an additional twelve seconds.  This shocked me, as a human who often hustles to accommodate my fellow humans.  Even more shocking was this detail: males (and only males) will actually abandon a territory more quickly if the intruder is driving a more expensive car.  Females are either unimpressed by such status displays, or like me, they don't know their Alfa from their Edsel."