February 10th, 2009

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!


I loved the full moon last night.  The clouds have now poured in and it is cold.   It seems we are to receive more rain.  Hooray!!

One of my plum trees overnight dressed in flowers of white.

This is from Embracing the Wide Sky by Daniel Tammett:

"One of the most common negative side effects of information overload is distraction, which costs people and companies time and efficiency.  Eric Horvitz, a research scientist, and his coresearcher Shamsi Iqbal carried out a study to evaluate the effect that distractions like email or web surfing have on a worker's ability to perform certain mental tasks, such as writing reports or computer code.  They found that responding to an email or instant message slowed workers down considerably: on average each needed around fifteen minutes after the interruption before settling back into productive work. The initial distraction often snowballed as the workers replied to other messages or browsed websites. One estimate for the financial cost to the American economy of such lost productivity puts the figure at as much as $650 billion per year."

Perhaps, most of us can't relate to the financial figure as easily as to the time we know slips through our fingers when we come up against something tough and then, say, "just a quick peek."

Enjoy the ways to learn, interact, distract!

Alan - sunrise - Palm Springs area

Let go -

A centipede was happy quite
until a frog in fun
said, "Pray which leg comes after which?"

This raised her mind to such a pitch
She lay distracted in the ditch
Considering how to run.