March 19th, 2009

alan - spring flowers

Good Morning!

Birds are singing and there is a softness to the light.

The fragility of life is with me these days, the beauty and joy that we share in this form, and the awareness of change.

Here is a poem by Gary Young.

When your children ask, will you always love me, say you will love them forever,
and then tell them what forever means. You can explain the heavens if they ask
and tell them, your bodies are made from the dust of scattered stars. But when
they ask you will I ever die, then lie to them. They are still young and it might
Frighten them if you said no.

- Gary Young

bridal veil falls - north carolina


Two Bears
After a hard day's forage
Two bears sat together in silence
On a beautiful vista
Watching the sun go down
And feeling deeply grateful
For life.
Though, after a while
A thought-provoking conversation began
Which turned to the topic of
The one bear said,
"Did you hear about Rustam?
He has become famous
And travels from city to city
In a golden cage;
He performs to hundreds of people
Who laugh and applaud
His carnival
The other bear thought for
A few seconds
Then started
~ Hafiz ~
(The Gift - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)