March 24th, 2009

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Good Morning!

I watched Barack Obama on 60 Minutes, at a time of convenience for myself, so I watched last night.

I agree that we cannot solve the problems we face from a place of anger.  I am also coming to see that when we speak of change, we are speaking of movement, adapting, trying one thing and then another.  There is not some static place we stop.  We are trying to figure out how to solve a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen.

I choose to live relatively conservatively.  I am one of those who stores food and extra blankets for emergencies.  I love to know I have jackets in my closet for myself and whoever knocks on my door.  Actually, where I live it is quite usual that I am loaning a jacket or two to someone so we can sit outside and enjoy the view, which is often exhilaratingly brisk.

I know that some do not like the idea of bailing out those who have behaved in a stupid or malicious manner, but I continue to think we have to look at the whole, and what I heard Obama say was that we have to see if some aid to these people will turn the tide for all of us.  This is not the time to bite off our nose to spite our face, and if it doesn't work, then, something else will have to be created.  I can listen to his plan and find ways I agree and ways I disagree, and I know I live in community and I'm not going to get my way on everything.

I will admit I don't understand what is going on with this need to continue involvement in war.  I believe that we operate individually and as a nation from a place of inner strength.  We strengthen our core. It is why I believe in meditation.  I feel myself organize internally when I meditate, and that allows me a pause, a rolling out of space that often brings a little more peace to my way of being.

This country has to be strong within.   We need to produce.   We need to honor spaciousness and spaciousness comes from meditation.  I heard Obama say he works out each day, that he and Michelle use the gym.   That's great, and I would like to hear him say that meditation, or prayer, or some place of inner reflection is also part of his morning routine.  

He speaks of the teams, and I am glad we are now governed by teams, rather than the decider, and I would like to think that each member of the team had taken time to honor the core within, so that we are led at every level by those who take time to touch a belief system of inner knowing and strength.

I think of Aikido.  It was developed by Morihei Ueshiba.  According to Wikipedia, his goal was to "create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury."   It is a "synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religous beliefs."  It is also translated as "the Way of unifying life energy," or "the Way of harmonious spirit."

Aikido is "performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. 

The founder of Aidido declared, "To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace."

May those words lead us now.

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And there is this -

Op-Ed Columnist

Combat and Community

David Brooks

You drive up to the forward operating base in Wardak Province in an armored Humvee, with the machine-gunner sticking up through the roof and his butt swinging on a little perch just by your head. Outside there’s a scraggly downtown, with ragamuffin Afghan children, almost no old people (the median life expectancy is 45) and dust everywhere. The dust of Afghanistan piles up in front of the storefronts and covers the ruins of the buildings destroyed during the Soviet period, or during the civil war or during some lost conflict from centuries past.

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Evening -

This is from John O'Donohue's book, To Bless the Space Between Us.

At the End of the Day:
A Mirror of Questions

What dreams did I create last night?
Where did my eyes linger today?
Where was I blind?
Where was I hurt without anyone noticing?
What did I learn today?
What did I read?
What new thoughts visited me?
What differences did I notice in those closest to me?
Whom did I neglect?
Where did I neglect myself?
What did I begin today that might endure?
How were my conversations?
What did I do today for the poor and the excluded?
Did I remember the dead today?
Where could I have exposed myself to the risk of something different?
Where did I allow myself to receive love?
With whom today did I feel most useful?
What reached me today? How deep did it imprint?
Who saw me today?
What visitations had I from the past and from the future?
What did I avoid today?
From the evidence - why was I given this day?

Why was I given this day?   For each, of us, each evening, perhaps a different answer.  Today, I saw the first tulip in my yard, a deep purple one, and all four maple trees are fluffing out and there are daffodils everywhere.    It is spring and I am given the opportunity to observe, feel, partake, to burst my own seed as it comes to root, stem, flower and fruit.

I know many who are struggling tonight.  Prayer and Peace for us All!