March 31st, 2009

alan - three poppies

Good Morning!

It is the last day of March and I seem to feel some sadness in that, in a year already one third gone. It is as though the moments are building in preciousness for me and there is something deep inside wanting to hold on even as I let go. It is like wanting to pet a butterfly.

I read this morning that doctors are recognizing that having a patient who is on 10, 15, or 20 medications is not a way to treat the whole person, but oh, how it helps make the pharmaceutical companies rich.

Here is a delightful romp through history to democracy and the pursuit of happiness. Respectful dialogue seems to be the answer, and interest, concern, and tolerance.

I find myself lately with the subject of Twitter and texting. Here is a column by a woman whose husband turned off the ability of their children to text. Is this cruel and unusual punishment? Is it isolating?

I continue to wonder if this increasing ability to communicate allows us more knowing of our own souls or less and I suppose the answer is both. It is one huge ball.

Happy day before the day of Fools!

Perhaps it makes sense that we go through three months of increasing light, and then, spend a day playing tricks.