April 2nd, 2009

oregon, willamette, 1 proxy falls

Evening -

We saw the movie Sunshine Cleaning this evening, and discussed the economy.   Might  the terrorists be those "big-wigs" who are holding our heads and our tax dollars to a burning wire of non-accountability?

I felt unsettled by Sunshine Cleaning though my husband loved it.  I thought it would be funny.  I didn't find it so.  I can't comment fully without possibly ruining it and I know art needs to deal with the most difficult of subjects and as I reflect on it, the theme is love, how much we love, and, as we know, life is complex and too much for some.  I do think it is a good movie, and, I am reaching to re-shuffle the configuration of the stars.

How do we lend each of us a kind and helping hand?