April 3rd, 2009

Alan - sunrise - Palm Springs area

Good Morning!

Just to be clear, I do recommend Sunshine Cleaners, and I'm still thinking about the movie which is a positive, obviously. You get more than your time in the theatre with this one.

We have a new baby giraffe at the SF Zoo. We may have mixed feelings about caging animals in zoos, but I think the sacrifice of the few benefits the whole, as our awareness of protection increases with seeing the beauty and majesty of other animals up close. Mother giraffes have a fourteen month pregnancy and then, birth a baby in the six foot range, weighing from 100 to 200 pounds, and then, within hours, the baby is walking around, or floating perhaps. I love the motion and movement of giraffes.


way to greet death -

I was reading a memorial to someone today who requested to be remembered with these words of Robinson Jeffers:

".... death comes and plucks us:  we become part of the living earth 
And wind and water we so loved..."

I post the whole poem here.


The Shears


        Robinson Jeffers


A great dawn-color rose widening the petals around her gold eye

Peers day and night in the window. She watches us

Lighting lamps, talking, reading, and the children playing, and the dogs by

the fire,

She watches earnestly, uncomprehending,

As we stare into the world of trees and roses uncomprehending,

There is a great gulf fixed.  But even while

I gaze, and the rose at me, my little flower-greedy daughter-in-law

Walks with shears, very blonde and housewifely,

Through the small garden, and suddenly the rose finds herself rootless


Now she is part of the life she watched.

So we: death comes and plucks us: we become part of the living earth

And wind and water we so loved.  We are they.