May 9th, 2009

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Good Morning!

The day is exquisite.  It is almost hard to breathe wide enough to take it all in and I'm working on it, working on tapping my lungs and widening my rib cage.

Sometimes I feel my inner ribs almost bruised as breath like a baby in the womb kicks for more understanding of inhalation, intake and space. 

Did you see the full moon last night?  Ah!  Awe!!

Ellen sends me this in celebration of the moon.

Han Shan

Sitting alone in peace before these cliffs
the full moon is heaven's beacon
the ten thousand things are all reflections
the moon originally has no light
wide open the spirit of itself is pure
hold fast to the void realize its subtle mystery
look at the moon like this
this moon that is the heart's pivot


The moon that is the heart's pivot. 

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Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

Forgiveness -

It is hard to imagine Wendell Berry doing anything that needs forgiveness and yet here is his poem on the subject.

To My Mother


by Wendell Berry

I was your rebellious son,
do you remember? Sometimes
I wonder if you do remember,
so complete has your forgiveness been.

So complete has your forgiveness been
I wonder sometimes if it did not
precede my wrong, and I erred,
safe found, within your love,

prepared ahead of me, the way home,
or my bed at night, so that almost
I should forgive you, who perhaps
foresaw the worst that I might do,

and forgave before I could act,
causing me to smile now, looking back,
to see how paltry was my worst,
compared to your forgiveness of it

already given. And this, then,
is the vision of that Heaven of which
we have heard, where those who love
each other have forgiven each other,

where, for that, the leaves are green,
the light a music in the air,
and all is unentangled,
and all is undismayed.


"To My Mother" by Wendell Berry, from Entries. © Pantheon Books, 1994.

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Loyalty -

There used to be loyalty to a team, a political party, a company and then, the rules changed, and it became quite obviously all about money.   Gail Collins, as usual, writes well about two low-lives, Lieberman and Specter.

Op-Ed Columnist

The Care and Feeding of Arlen

Published: May 8, 2009

Our topic for today is party loyalty.

Not a much-valued characteristic these days. Really, not all that cool since somewhere around the Eisenhower administration. Or maybe Grover Cleveland.

We just went through a whole election in which everybody wanted to be a maverick. And Arlen Specter had been a Democrat for only six days before he was on “Meet the Press” denying that he had ever told President Obama that he would be loyal.

“I did not say I would be a loyal Democrat. I did not say that,” Specter insisted. Just to make his lack of loyalty crystal-clear, he added: “And last week, after I said I was changing parties, I voted against the budget.”

This was only one of Specter’s introductory displays of independence, which also included voting against a plan to help homeowners in bankruptcy court that was greatly desired by the leaders of his new party, and telling The New York Times that he hopes Republican Norm Coleman wins the Minnesota Senate seat. This is the election that is still unresolved except for the part in which Democrat Al Franken got more votes.

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Mother's Day!

My dear sister-in-law sent me a wonderful video of myself as Mother of the Year 2009.   It is incredibly clever and I am sitting here smiling at what we can do with technology these days.

We are celebrating Mother's Day in the East Bay at Chris and Frieda's.  Her parents will come, and Jeff and Jan, and Frieda's brother and his wife so it will be quite the celebration.

Again, I am with mothers not here, and mothering, and what it means to each of us.  

These are times where it is ever more important to take care with the use of words and with what we share.  It is considered that a group of 25 is a number in a tribe that is strong enough to survive.  We are exposed to news and people and stories in unfathomable numbers.  I think it is for each of us to cleanse our own meaning each day and nurture what we need to thrive.

Happy Mother's Day!!