July 24th, 2009

cirque du soleil trapeze

Listening -

Listening is up for me, how well I listen, how well I communicate.  Am I listening to others?  Am I listening to myself?

This appears in my email box today:

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing. A creative force. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come to life.

- Brenda Ueland


We are heading into the city early this morning.  We have a 9:00 appointment to see the Tut exhibit at the De Young and you're supposed to be in line 30 minutes early.  I saw it 25 years ago when my children were young.  I am excited to see it again though I am not fond of crowds and lines, but hopefully the early appointment will make a difference.  Then, we'll drive down to where Jeff works and meet him to go to lunch and get some of his yummy home-grown tomatoes.

The fog is wrapped around us and everything outside is wet, beautiful, and blowing in the wind.

turkey vultures

The Tut Exhibit!

We arrived at the De Young museum at 8:30 and were allowed right in because they said it was too cold to stand outside. We quickly got our tickets and were fourth and fifth in line.  They opened early at 8:45 and the exhibit is set up so you truly feel you are entering a tomb.  Because I don't like to use the listening devices, we were ahead of everyone, and so entered each room and studied the exhibits alone.  I feel an affinity for Egyptian times, and so it was something to be standing in huge dark spaces, examining cases that showed life as it was and the preparations for death.  We were vicariously there. Tut became king at 9 and died mysteriously at 19.  The times didn't seem so different from now, arguing about the gods, one god, many gods, sun god.  Are our celebrities now elevated to the position of gods?

I want to know more.  I want to know why when mummifying,  the brains were sucked out through the nose and thrown away.  Other parts were honored.  Why not the brain?

It was odd to go from the Egyptian past to Redwood Shores where Jeff works and all the activity and contrasts of shiny Oracle buildings, smaller ones, and the water of the bay.