July 30th, 2009

alan's flowers

Good Morning!

It would imply the regeneration of mankind, if they were to become elevated enough to truly worship sticks and stones.

- Henry David Thoreau


I must admit I do worship sticks and stones.  I have a wonderful naturally sculptured log on my deck that my friend Elaine found for me, and rocks that have beckoned to me over the years that are scattered around the house and yard.  I feel an affinity for them, seem to evoke private conversations within when I hold or look at them.   There is a wonderful book called If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian.  I keep it standing up on the shelf as a reminder of the importance of paying attention.

I also learned something about my own book this last edit through.  I, myself, now find it soothing, can read it unattached, as though I am reading about someone and am immersed in that chemotherapy world where all is accomplishment and peace and ease.  Time is different there.  I feel it today, feel unbothered and involved, if that makes any sense, and maybe that is the point. It doesn't have to make sense. 

I'm also appreciating reading American Lion, the book on Andrew Jackson by Jon Meacham.  When it comes to the banks, it wasn't so different then, and people come into office and they do make a difference and there is a swing back and forth, but we do have a Black president and a woman for secretary of state, and that is something to celebrate.  Slowly, we evolve and fall back, but each fall back is not as far back as the one before.  Step by step.