September 5th, 2009

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The patience it takes -

I admire Al Franken for his patience and honesty and ability to keep on track to explain health care reform. I could not be so patient which may explain why sometimes I am a patient. My blood pressure rises too quickly in response.

I made a doctor appointment for Steve yesterday. I called his usual doctor and learned that he is now not participating in our insurance PPO, so we need to pay immediately. We may be reimbursed for part by our insurance company. While waiting on hold, I listened to ads for procedures that could be done. Since when did doctors start advertising? We all know the problems with health insurance and "preexisting conditions," which when you get older is pretty usual. We also know what doctors pay for malpractice insurance and we certainly know what it costs for all the administration, triplication and forms. I continue to be baffled that anyone living here cannot understand why we need health care reform, and I admire the politicians with the stamina to explain the facts.

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A lovely day -

We all gathered for Jeff's birthday today.   It is lovely to remember 35 years back.  Raising a child is a balancing act of instilling ethics and values while also allowing them to make and form their own way.

This editorial in the NY Times states well the importance of allowing children to listen to what is going on.  I feel great concern about the ignorance of people in this country.  How sad that parents want to pass their own ignorance on to their children.   Can a country stand without an educated populace?  I worry about that. 


Respect Your Children

Published: September 4, 2009

The American right has directed many silly and offensive attacks at President Obama. But so far nothing compares with the news that right-wing demagogues on talk radio and the Web, along with Republican Party officials, are trying to stop children from hearing the president urge them to stay in school — because, they say, that is socialist propaganda.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise after a summer in which town hall meetings on health care have been turned into mindless shouting matches, where protesters parade guns and are cheered on by elected officials. Not only Sarah Palin, but people who know better — like Senator Charles Grassley — have been tossing around the fiction that Mr. Obama is planning to institute “death panels” to speed the infirm elderly to their ends.

Still, it was startling to read in Friday's Times about the overheated and bizarre response to Mr. Obama’s plan to give a speech in a Virginia school next week that schools around the country also can show.

The White House says Mr. Obama will talk about the importance of education — hardly, we hope, a controversial topic. But the article said that in a growing number of school districts, especially in Texas, parents, talk-show hosts and some Republican officials are demanding that schools either refuse to show it or allow parents to keep their children home. The common refrain is that Mr. Obama will offer a socialist message — although nobody said what they meant by that.

There is, of course, nothing socialist in any of Mr. Obama’s policies, as anyone with a passing knowledge of socialism and its evil history knows. But in this country, unlike actual socialist countries, nobody can be compelled to listen to the president. What is most disturbing about all this is what it says about the parents — and the fact that they have such little regard for their children’s intelligence and ability to think.