September 11th, 2009

the sea ranch chapel

Paying attention -

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.

- Mary Oliver

This morning when I woke my cat Bella was curled in next to my heart.  She wasn't ready to get up so I stayed there focused on curling with her, and felt this burst of love in my heart, as love, just love, no attachment to Bella or anyone or anything else,  warmed and spiraled through my heart and spread throughout my being. My cells curved into smiles as I felt how clearly we evolve through the spiral, and in that circling, that gravity of attraction, is love. 

I read recently that if we allow someone to die when we have the capability to save them, that is murder.  I think we need to evolve new parameters when it comes to how we allow the elderly to transition, and I think we need to look at the subject of health care as it applies to illegal immigrants.  Surely this country has the wealth to insure everyone.  A country is enriched by its people. People move in and are absorbed.  That is how this country was built.  Almost everyone here came from somewhere else.  Actually if we go back to the beginning, everyone here came from somewhere else.  

What I realized this morning is it is about choosing whether to live in scarcity or abundance, choosing whether to live in a straight line, where all you seem to have is what you see before and behind you or choosing to live in a spiral where you are wrapped and wrapped in experience, communication, movement, and transition. There,  is wealth.  It is like living in a flood plain, nourished with seasonal flow.

I know the health care bill will be a compromise but when we consider what we spend in this country in fighting wars in other countries, it seems we could focus on the health of the people at home.  Health care reform will open a dialogue on what contributes to health.   Sodas may be taxed.  PE programs will return to schools.  We will be a healthier people, encouraged to take responsibility for our own health and supported in that.  Alternative therapies will probably be paid for as they are in Scandinavian countries because they, too, contribute to emotional, mental and physical health.   Taxing junk food at a higher rate could help pay some of the health care costs, but paying more attention to our health will also affect the costs.   I know we don't want anyone telling us what to eat but maybe we could make eating healthy food fun.  The Obama's are leading the way with that with their garden.  We begin. 

I think if we come back to the spiral and feeling how life wraps around us and we are wrapped in it, honoring how we circle round and round creating new paths and layers, we will know love, safety, abundance and care, and there is wealth, and there, in that place,  is enough for all.   We live in a spiral galaxy.  Let's feel our growth as a spiral, as an evolving, circling package of love and care.


I am aware -

Yesterday I enjoyed a cup of coffee at a place I love on the bay.  I was sitting there looking out when I remembered that a friend of mine who lives on one of the houseboats lost her son to illness recently.  I sat there, trying to imagine how one lives with such pain.  

I was looking back through journals of August of 2000, and I saw that August, then, was a tender time for me.  It seems to be the time of year when petals fall and I feel myself as a naked seed.  Then, September rolls in and I revel in the shift toward fall.  

Here are some quotes singing to me today.  


Here’s the new rule: Break the wineglass and fall toward the Glassblower’s breath.


I reached that place inside me where the world is breathing.

John Muir:

I went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. 




I am aware of the date.  It is a memorial day.

Evil, do I say?
But speak not evil of the evil:
Evil and good they braided play
Into one cord.

-- Herman Melville, Claret, IV, iv.